A Reject From ‘Time Team’

IMG_1074I felt like a reject from ‘Time Team’ (a UK television programme featuring archaeological digs) this afternoon, on my knees with a trowel scraping mortar off yesterday’s brickwork and digging out the mortar that had ended up on the soil (and on the path, behind the honeysuckle, on the honeysuckle, etc……) – but as anticipated it scrubbed up well and is indeed now acceptably rustic. In some ways yesterday’s late rain helped, as the mortar was still quite soft and cleaned off fairly easily, although it would have helped if I hadn’t made it so sloppy in the first place.

Meanwhile, on the snowdrop front, there is another contender for the first fully open flower – Lady Beatrix Stanley. She has sneaked up unannounced and is as poised as the other contenders to take a position on the podium – but as she is another that didn’t flower last year I shall be delighted to welcome her at any stage in the proceedings


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6 Responses to A Reject From ‘Time Team’

  1. Helen says:

    None of my snowdrops are showing signs of flowering, I am almost despairing!

    • Cathy says:

      Oh Helen, please don’t despair! Many of mine didn’t flower last year after I shunted them about the year before and most of the ones new to me two years ago didn’t either – but everything is coming up wonderfully this year so I hope I have learned to be patient (the patient gardener!!) and in future allow them time to settle in. Did you get my email about Winterbourne?

  2. Anna says:

    Sounds like that mortar spread itself about Cathy 🙂 Oh good on Lady B – quiet but stealthy 🙂 Mine have just opened under cover.

  3. wellywoman says:

    I once did a time team dig. Great fun but agony, spending all day on my knees scraping away at the soil. Found lots of Roman coins though.

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