Blanching at the Idea

blanchingHaving moved a black sack of shreddings from the woodland where the Golfer had been shredding offcuts from the plum tree a few months ago I was surprised to see some rather shocked and anaemic dandelion shoots hiding underneath it, but completely missed the curly white shoots next to them – the first sign of our wood anemones coming through. IMG_1038Looked beyond this previously concealed patch I could then see some little green curly shoots, certainly a good month earlier than last year. Other bloggers have mentioned signs of bluebell growth recently – and sure enough, they were there too.

Yesterday was the sunniest day for over a month, according to our solar panel monitor, and even though it was sunny again today it was on the cool side so even just an hour of pottering was chillier than one would have liked. The Golfer has completed the trellis for the project we have been working on, and although much of it was recycled from previous trellis and therefore already painted there were parts that needed their dose of ‘Wild Thyme’ – they got one coat, but can wait for their second one! As so often happens, a ramble this morning resulted in a last-minute tweak to the design as I have decided to include a few courses of brickwork at the bottom of the right hand side screen. Having used almost all the spare bricks already it took a bit of searching to find enough bricks, and at the moment they are just loosely placed in position awaiting a bag of mortar mix. Seeing them like this shows quite clearly the gradual slope of the garden from left to right here, something you don’t notice when walking around.


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4 Responses to Blanching at the Idea

  1. Christina says:

    Yesterday was really sunny here yesterday too! But today it rained nearly all day. But we needed some rain I suppose we haven’t had any since the beginning of the month and if it doesn’t rain now it certainly won’t in July and August.

  2. Julie says:

    This project is looking really good Cathy – I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this space and I am very jealous of all that lovely trellis.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Julie – the spaces won’t actually be very different as they were replacing previous boundaries, but I will always have plans of some sort!

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