Correct me If I am Wrong….

IMG_0987….. but surely Lilium candidum should not be pushing up this fresh and healthy green growth at the beginning of January when they are not due to flower till August? I have not grown lilies before, other than the ‘pot lilies’ bought in bud and planted out and the ‘tree lily’ which now seems to be quite happily established, but there is certainly never any sign of them as early in the year as this. What is more, these bulbs were not planted until the end of October as they were part of my replacement bulb order and I am now having serious doubts as to whether I have planted them deep enough…. I wonder what will happen to them if the weather turns really cold? And what will happen to the apple blossom (apple blossom – would you believe it?) that I was told this morning had appeared in a local garden? And the quince buds that Liz has written about today in her blog?

Meanwhile, the few extra bricks needed to complete the brickwork of my current project were laid this afternoon, and although the wall is not perfectly level is not noticeably so. It now awaits modification and division of the previous trellis into two panels before they can be replaced and the job completed, so painting the framework prior to this would be sensible, given a dry and mild enough day. Other than this, untangling the honeysuckle from the other trellis at the end of the woodland edge border awaits my attention!


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12 Responses to Correct me If I am Wrong….

  1. Chloris says:

    Li!ium candidum should have nice glossy leaves, they start in the Autumn and the cold weather doesn’t seem to bother them. You and your lovely walls, I am so impressed.

    • Cathy says:

      So you think these early shoots are just business as usual, then? That’s a relief 😉 No more bricking to do though… 😦

  2. Pauline says:

    Our Woodpeckers are drumming on the trees so maybe plants and birds think that spring is round the corner?! Your wall is looking so good, what will you do when you run out of space?

    • Cathy says:

      Bird activity is on the up here too – hope they are all still around for the Big Garden Birdwatch, not like last year when they all disappeared when the day came! This wall is just a replacement for the trellis that was there before, but indeed there can be few places now where bricklaying could be deployed – although I remember having thought that before now!

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I don’t grow Lilies so can’t help you out with that one, but I do remember having oriental lilies out quite surprisingly early – just not in January a few years ago when I last grew them. You could always try protecting them if you’re concerned?
    Apple Blossom?? That is early, and worrying. At least with autumn Cherry blooming at this time, it will have another show in spring with the other cherries, but apples generally only have the one flush of blossom don’t they? I don’t think my Quince blooms will survive any snow, but there are other buds on it which are much further behind, so I would hope if we did get any snow the others would replace those killed. This is only the second year I’ve had the Quince, so I’m not yet familiar with its bloom times.

    • Cathy says:

      Sounds as if the lilies will be OK – and will ask my friend about his apple blossom as I don’t know how widespread it was

  4. Christina says:

    Hi cathy, yes the others are correct, Lilium candidum also put their shoots up very early; mine begin in the early autumn, cold weather doesn’t seem to ever affect them. Well done for the wall!

  5. wellywoman says:

    It’s good to hear that your lily will be fine. I spotted buds on my clematis yesterday and have bulbs pushing up all over. If I remember rightly we had similar mild weather last year with the snow coming towards the end of January. I remember being worried this time last year but everything seemed fine. Apple blossom though, that is more of a worry.

    • Cathy says:

      I keep inspecting my clematis too, and have definitely got leaf buds on an alpina – but they know what they are doing, don’t they?

  6. Caro says:

    As with the other commenters, the very established lilies are pushing up, rudbeckia has new little leaves and daffs and bluebell leaves are pushing through. No sign of my wild garlic yet though and the fruit trees just have buds but, thankfully, no blossom. A look back through the year showed me that snow fell in the third week of January last year and lasted until the end of March! I wouldn’t worry about your lilies, they’ll be fine!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Caro, it does indeed seem as if the Lilies should be safe – I won’t panic next year! I have seen daffodil spikes but haven’t checked for bluebells. I remembered we had snow in January last year, but ours had gone by the end of Jan before returning later. Definitely is beginning to feel early springlike, which I am sure is not a good thing for early January!

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