My Tiny Hand is Frozen

tinyhands… but at least it was clean and dry inside these waterproof and breathable gloves, Showa Temres 281, which first came to my attention when reviewed by ‘Which? Gardening’ recently. Available from Screwfix for just under £10, they appeared under the Christmas tree after the Golfer tricked me into believing they were out of stock, and are proving to be a sound investment. The gauntlet design means an end to dirty cuffs (and soggy cuffs when pulling handfuls of leaves out of the stream) and the gloves’ breathability will be a boon when the weather gets warmer. A great product at a brilliant price, so much so that I can overlook their distinct blueness.

They were christened this afternoon whilst sweeping up the last of the wisteria trimmings and some more wind-blown leaves, before acting on a whim and lifting the ‘Christmas Carol’ hellebore, having decided that the struggle the emerging flowers were having may be due to a build up of soil around the plant. Certainly my recollection from last year is that the buds never showed more than an inch or so of stem, so perhaps this has become an increasing problem as the bed has had spadefuls of compost and leaf mould added to it for the benefit of the snowdrops. Soil was therefore cleaned from the numerous flower buds around the base and shaken from the plant before it was replanted in a slightly shallower hole; at the same time an offshoot was removed without any detachment required and planted up elsewhere in the bed. It will be interesting to observe how the flowers respond to their clearer passageway.

c.carol.moveMeanwhile, ramblings around the garden have gradually tweaked potential improvements to the two temporary screens that ‘stop’ the views from the woodland edge and blue & white borders to the hot borders. With the desire to maintain as much light as possible reaching the hot borders they still need to be fairly open, but with more solid timber uprights and a horizontal support to link them to The Wall they should look less flimsy and more permanent. As there are only a limited number of spare bricks I plan to just raise the height of the brick edging at the back of the blue & white border by a few courses with lattice and uprights above – subject to no further modifications to my doodles, of course.


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15 Responses to My Tiny Hand is Frozen

  1. Anna says:

    The gloves look most useful Cathy especially for wet and mucky jobs. What are the insides like?
    I ask because I suffer from eczema which sometimes affects my wrists, so have to be careful about what I what is in contact with my skin. I’m not sure about the colour either but at least they would be hard to mislay.

    • Cathy says:

      They do have a lining that is of a cotton appearance – I checked on the website to see if it said what the lining was but it doesn’t. I have some skin issues too so will let you know if anything crops up. I discovered they do all sorts of other gloves too, some for gardening and ‘landscaping’ but they are not waterproof/breathable – but see comment from sueturner31

    • Anna says:

      Thanks Cathy – will have to look out for them and inspect the insides thoroughly. I’ve used other Showa gloves and they are good quality. Last year I came across Briers ‘Seed and Weed’ gloves in Wilkinsons and have been quite pleased with them. They wash well between serious allotment sessions and I hope that they will be in stock again in 2014.

  2. The garden is wet, messy, and cold so I could not bring myself to cleaning it. The gloves look like the perfect answer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Caro says:

    Always good to know about a worthwhile product – these look great for messy jobs. At this time of year I garden in a pair of washable Briers suede gloves, purely for warmth, but they do get wet. I imagine that your gloves in a larger size could also take a slim pair of woollen gloves inside? Plus, they’ll be great for making snowballs if bad weather descends!

    • Cathy says:

      Bad weather? making snowballs? Shhh! The gloves do come in a range of sizes and I too wondered if a thin pair of glove might fit inside a larger pair. I have also been given a pair of Laura Ashley leather and cotton gloves for Christmas but the leather is so stiff they don’t seem at all appealing to wear yet but I suppose they should soften in use – were your suede gloves stiff to begin with?

  4. sueturner31 says:

    Used many of the Showa gloves they are the best ..we always look online to get the best price ,then buy in bulk.

  5. Are these the same gloves they always use on Beechgrove ?

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