Make That Twenty – and No Apology!

moreBoxDayWhilst replying to a comment about the fatsia flowers (only seen if I remember to look UP) it was with a sinking heart that I remembered the other flower I have to look up to see – The Mahonia……. Yes, I had not looked UP and seen the mahonia when I was counting yesterday; anticipating the grovelling apology required, the photograph was duly taken today but on the ‘no flowers closer to death than life’ basis its inclusion wasn’t really justified. Rather than be accused of further mahonia prejudice it has been included anyway, along with Hamamelis ‘Jelena’ after belatedly realising it is every bit as ‘out’ as the ‘Orange Peel’ shown yesterday.

With it being a calm and bright day, a couple of hours were spent in the garden this afternoon rooting around the snowdrops, clearing freshly blown leaves from the bed and generally observing progress, lopping and thinning elderly and superfluous wisteria stems and, a first for me, bringing fuchsias into the greenhouse and preparing them for a winter break. None of them are particularly established plants, but all are pretty especially the ‘Deep Purple’ that did so well last year, and although I had to look up how best to deal with them it wasn’t rocket science. Whatever next – lifting dahlias and putting them to bed too? Not likely – after their poor performance they can stay where they are!


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10 Responses to Make That Twenty – and No Apology!

  1. I mean, I have more photos…

  2. Christina says:

    I’m hoping I might find my Fatsia is flowering when I get home.

    • Cathy says:

      Hope so too, Christina – when will that be? I checked back on my blog last year and mine was just coming into flower in mid December, but I couldn’t say whether this was the norm pre-blog

  3. Hi Cathy – I am so glad to see that you have included your hated mahonia! I have had a look at mine and am still waiting for them to flower. As for the fatsia – usually it is covered in flowers by now but there are hardly any this year. Neither of my hamamelis are in flower – I am green with envy! I have dug up my dahlia tubers though – it is such a shame yours didn’t do well this year – they will come in very handy for the Vase On Monday in the autumn!

    • Cathy says:

      I am sure I could have got away without mentioning the mahonia! Interestingly, these two witch hazels were new to me last year and my others are not open yet other than a glint of colour in the odd bud in some of them – yours will be lovely whenever they flower, I am sure. I may try again with dahlias – or perhaps I will lift these after all…

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