Idle Thoughts

IMG_0847Not idle thoughts really, but inspiration generated and mulled over during ramblings round the garden or sometimes whilst swimming. With the bare bones of the garden exposed not only do the little surprises jump out at you, like yesterday’s jingling bells and this unnamed frilly green hellebore that is poking its nose above the surface, but also flashes of inspiration for little projects or ways to tweak the structure of the garden. Thus I am currently mulling over a metal framework to stylishly pull the fatsia stems together and reduce their interference with casual passers-by and also using some of the bricks left over from The Wall project to make a more stable support for the honeysuckle that screens the hot border from the woodland edge  border (like a low wall and pillars with trellis between the brickwork). You can see why there is never time to be bored…


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7 Responses to Idle Thoughts

  1. Christina says:

    I think that maybe thoughts are never idle!

  2. I’m surprised you even know how to spell “bored” Cathy! I do know what you mean about the way new ideas can suddenly leap into your head as you wander around the garden, it happens to me all the time, but winter makes it easier somehow, fewer distractions maybe, from all the flowering loveliness? I started to write a post about this today but it turned into something else, which often happens, and I ran out of time. Which also often happens!

  3. I love your wall project, it really came together. That was a lot of work, but it really looks good.

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