IMG_0450Making up for yesterday’s washout, the Golfer and I have both been hives of activity this afternoon. Determined to tidy up the pots at the side of the house and refill the baskets at the front I tackled the latter first, removing the petunias and replacing them with some now rather sad looking trailing violas and adding a bit of height with some bronze sedge. Having forgotten to include any bulbs for these baskets in my bulb order I had bought some reduced price Iris reticulata from the garden centre, but then discovered amongst my pots of unhelpfully unlabelled pots of last year’s bulbs a labelled pot of Narcissus ‘Pencrobar’ so these were included as well. The end result looks a bit sorry for itself but should perk up in its own time, all being well.

Most of the small fuchsias in pots have been diligently removed and placed in the greenhouse, along with the deep pinky-red pelargonium that complemented Rose pots.move‘Munstead Wood’ so well this summer. The sundiascia (left) that were brilliant in the animal feeder have been replanted in the herbaceous borders as they are meant to be fairly hardy, but I am unsure what to do with the centradenia (right) yet – they are very pretty plants but still failed to flower and according to my RHS encylopaedia are only hardy to 15ºc! Consigning them to the sitooterie for the winter may be the best option if they are to be retained, which is where the two Sundavilles have now moved to. The other summer pots have been replanted IMG_0451with the polyanthus and pansies that were awaiting a vacant spot, along with some free hyacinths that came with another order. Having also received a bag of mixed tulips I am now looking at the ‘Project’ and imagining it overflowing with colour rather than filled with the subtler pond plants that had all but been decided on…..

tree.shredsMeanwhile, the Golfer has rendered the rest of the pile of plum prunings invisible, thanks to the shredder, and now only has the branches to cut up before this stage of the Great Plum Tree Lop is complete; it remains to be seen whether the last and most awkward stage is completed before or after the winter.

A worthwhile couple of hours indeed – but with temperatures dipping I felt chilly fingers for the first time in many months….

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5 Responses to Hives

  1. Chilly fingers all around. I raked some leaves and deadheaded perennials yesterday and my hands in the gardening gloves were frozen. I wish I could say I’m done with outside cleanup but I’m not. I think I’m going to need some liners for those gardening gloves. 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      I think if we are working with damp plants or soil it makes it worse doesn’t it, Judy? I will certainly need more layers on next time – but I am pleased it was dry and I was able to get outside and catch up.

  2. Christina says:

    Nice to hear about your busy day, well done for getting so much done.

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