Just Around the Corner

IMG_0412This primrose was a nice surprise on my ramble today, hinting that perhaps spring might be just around the corner; alas, with winter in some form or another to squeeze inbetween autumn and spring this is but an illusion, more’s the pity. However, there will be lots of wintry pleasures to appreciate before then and every ramble will bring a new observation, whatever the season. We have had early primroses before, and where my Mum lives in the Inner Hebrides there are often wild primroses in flower right the way through from autumn to spring, and mine are offspring of ones that appeared in her garden. So far, of the expanding numbers in our little woodland this is the only one in flower.

IMG_0411Also showing a hint of potential promise are the hyacinths, planted just over a week ago in their special vases – within a week, all of them had well developed roots reaching down into the water, astonishing I would say! I only know this because space has been made for them in a cupboard that is used a lot – normally they are in one requiring a stool to reach and probably would not have been inspected until nearly Christmas, by which time some may have been short of water. Following the Wordless Wednesday post of them last week I was mightily heartened by the comments received, none of which admitted to ever having any success with hyacinths in vases – and I thought it was me! Occasionally there have been one or two successes out of the 10+ that are grown this way, but they are a rarity. Now realising that this is not unusual I will be more than happy to just plant them in pots next year and admire the vases for their pretty colours. Inspecting them more frequently, as their current cupboard allows, may of course make all the difference!

After a drizzly damp day yesterday, today has been milder with blue sky and sunshine and ideal for catching up with gardening jobs. Having dithered about the five pots outside the kitchen windows that were awaiting planting up with ‘Angelique’ tulips, I had decided that the finally flourishing pink wallflowers would be ousted and replaced, if possible, with pink pansies. Not being hugely keen on pansies and preferring single colours with no blotches it was a bit late in the season to seek out purely pink ones, but these ‘Dynamite Strawberry’ will ‘do’ in the circumstances. They have been planted through a wire grid to annoy any collared doves who try to pull them out, a ploy they were particularly fond of when the tulips were accompanied by polyanthus. The ousted wallflowers have been replanted in the main herbaceous borders where perhaps they might get round to flowering.


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8 Responses to Just Around the Corner

  1. Cathy your hyacinth vases are pretty, I haven’t looked to see what primmies are flowering but I have noticed here they flower much of the year, I took some from my garden and planted them in my mum’s old garden, she enjoyed them, I wonder if the new owner has kept them …. Frances

  2. rusty duck says:

    Crikey, well done with the hyacinths. I am inspired! Am I too late to try?

    • Cathy says:

      They were only planted a week ago, Jessica, which is later than I usually plant them because my bulb order arrived late, so yes they should still be fine to plant. You may have read in my post that I don’t have much success with them – so I am just showing off with these healthy roots!

  3. I try to get out every few days all during the year to see what surprises the garden as and I am never disappointed…I enjoyed enjoyed your tour and the wonderful pictures.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, I feel sorry for those who don’t want to look round their gardens throughout the year – they must miss such a lot, musn’t they?

  4. Christina says:

    Your vases are so pretty, I hope you have hyacinths for Christmas.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Christina – I have about a dozen of them but only have hyacinths in 10 of them now Peter Nyssen have changed their bulb quantities – but it will be after Christmas probably, IF they flower that is!

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