Contemplating Corners

IMG_0396Reminding myself of all the Curious Corners and Forgotten Follies in the garden the other day has inevitably sown a few seeds in my brain as potential improvements begin hatching, almost immediately. The curious corner on the right was photographed for that post but forgotten, which about sums up its existence at the focus of 6 (good grief!) paths, with the woodland and the rest of the garden to the left, the apple trees immediately in front of the pergola, the sheds from where the photo was taken and the sitooterie behind it. I do sometimes notice the lovely fatsia, but have to remind myself at this time of year to look up and see those distinctive fatsia flowers, which are now just about in bud.

fatsia.2The fatsia was one of the few plants in the garden when we came in 1996 but has been moved around a little, settling in more secure accommodation in front of the old greenhouse and this scanned picture from ten years ago show it flourishing.The photo was taken from the streamside just before stream construction began, and a number of years before we decided the greenhouse was not only too big but in too shaded a location. We dismantled it in the winter of 2009/10, having planned what is now called the ‘sitooterie’ in its place and a  new greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. This left the fatsia sitting in the middle of an empty space, so despite its size and maturity we decided to dig it up and find it a new home.DSCN3130 A combination of Chuckle Brothers and Laurel and Hardy tactics eventually saw it removed from a very deep hole after which it sat out the winter until a space was cleared and it could be replanted. Despite a distinct lack of TLC it survived to tell the tale, which continues to be one of neglect. The point of all this reminiscing (and looking out old photos!) is that I am wondering whether to mete out the same treatment to the Parottia persica, underperforming in another neglected corner – bought for the promise of its pretty bark and colourful autumn foliage it has failed to live up to this recommendation, no doubt due to a misguided location. Would it be possible to dig it out and move it? Do I have a better location? Hmm, decisions….



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4 Responses to Contemplating Corners

  1. Christina says:

    I understand Pericarias need to be quite mature before they give of their best. Moving trees is always difficult but following your success with the Fatsia maybe you have nothing to lose.

  2. Annette says:

    Fatsias take so much beatings as a lot of other plants do for that matter, a fact which may encourage you to move the Parottia (their foliage should be stunning even when the tree is young). I had a Fatsia in my Irish garden but it died in a very cold winter.

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