Putting Me Off


I managed to do the gardening equivalent of playing FreeCell on the computer or Angry Birds on  my phone by putting off making a start on planting the bulbous late arrivals for as long as possible, although admittedly I was working up to it by writing out plant labels and scrubbing out hyacinth vases. I have reverted to using a fine white paint marker on the labels, having become satisfied that these 6″ black labels will bend but not easily break and are also big enough to cope with long plant names. I have used these labels for a few months now after giving up on the black T labels which snap when trodden on, but have been printing out plant names with a Brother labeller – the paint marker, I have decided, is neater and less obtrusive, and now they will not be lost due to breakage I should be able to renew the writing if it does fade, which it tends to do in the longer term.

The vases were planted up, and will be put in a more accessible cupboard this year as having to climb on a chair to check their progress is not conducive to regular checking. The bulbs were then sorted into tulip/non-tulip piles and the tulips into species/non species piles, Anemone blanda album left to soak overnight and then, as I could delay no longer, I set to. Crocus ‘Snowbunting’ were planted amongst the new plants in the hedge border where the D****’s Plant used to be and Colchicum album around the new dwarf plum tree ‘Czar’; the Anemone blanda will cover the area around the plum tree and cascade down the bank towards the path. In the main herbaceous borders were Allium atropurpureum and A ‘Purple Sensation’, and Lilium candidum were squeezed into the blue & white border. A modest 5 Cyclamen hederifolium were added to the species snowdrops border, having been ordered before the explosion of cyclamen appeared last month, and a few scrappy erythronium placed in the woodland edge border. Finally, spadefuls of turf were lifted from the streamside grass and planted with 100  ‘Barr’s Purple’, leaving this area in even more of a mess. The tulips will be dealt with tomorrow, and as for all those apples still filling the washing basket……


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2 Responses to Putting Me Off

  1. Anna says:

    The majority of my bulbs are still sitting there looking at me reproachfully although the tulips have no right to do that until November. You’ve certainly been busy Cathy. I use the black labels (albeit a smaller size) and a white paint marker for my snowdrop pots. Himself treated me to a Brother labelling machine a few years ago but it is a bit of a faff to use and the tape is on the expensive side.

    • Cathy says:

      I got the hang of the labeller but then came to order a replacement cartridge and realised there was another downside to all that white on my nice black labels, so I think it might be a permanent move back to the paint marker. And if my bulbs had come when they should have done I fear they would have been looking at me reproachfully like yours are doing, so this late arrival is perhaps a blessing in disguise as I feel I need to get out there and get them planted straight way!

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