AWOL and Off the Straight and Narrow

IMG_0322I usefully spent time detangling these agate windchimes whilst drinking my mid morning cup of tea today. Instead of tinkling gently with every puff of wind even the slightest movement of air sounded like someone washing glasses after a very large party, and washing them carelessly at that – all this exacerbated when the Gofer was attacking the plum trees, sending branches crashing down below and interrupting the natural movement of the chimes. I moved them for their own safety and now they seek a new home as the little twig they were suspended from has been shredded, along with its neighbours.

Whilst they were absent by design, my Peter Nyssen bulb order has gone AWOL – even though I knew orders can be sent out as late as November I managed to get my order in relatively early this year, at the beginning of August, so I finally decided to email and check on its progress. It was dispatched, it seems, around 5 weeks ago and could be tracked to the courier’s depot but no further…… Either they are mouldering away somewhere (but think of those colchicums!) or someone has been busy planting them in their own garden. Peter Nyssen will send a replacement order as soon as they can, but some items were out of stock and although that’s one way of reducing the size of the order it is still a shame. On the upside, though, it’s less bulbs for me to plant!

Off the straight and narrow are my haphazard rows of seedlings in the greenhouse in the bed vacated by some of the tomatoes, the first time I have sown anything directly into the soil here – salad leaves and rocket, with one of the multitudinous packets of unused carrot seeds sown just out of the picture but not yet germinating. The others were up and raring to go in literally in just a few days, and join the aquilegia seedlings (and still ripening peppers) in justifying regular visits to the bottom of the garden where the greenhouse is. While rambling down there I can also take in the colour in the left hand hot border, where this thunbergia still thrills me with the depth and vibrancy of its particular shade of orange and I have finally managed to grab a photo of a belated flower on Hemerocallis ‘Mini Stella’ before it disappears. And OK, there are dahlias too, but are they worth waiting for? I am not sure.



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24 Responses to AWOL and Off the Straight and Narrow

  1. Pauline says:

    Its so frustrating when an order goes astray, I had this a while ago with Hayloft Plants and had quite a job persuading them that I hadn’t received them as the courier said that they had been delivered. Maybe they had been delivered, but not to our house! Hope you get your order soon and can get planting all your bulbs.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Pauline – P Nyssen will be looking into why it went astray. At one time things sometimes used to go a street in the nearby town which has the same name as ours, but a different postcode of course but we get so many things delivered that most of the couriers know this address and what to do if we are not in! I have always found Hayloft’s customer service excellent so I am sorry they disbelieved you. I am sure the bulbs won’t mind being delayed too much.

  2. Christina says:

    I asked Peter Nyseen to deliver this week as before is too early for here; they haven’t arrived yet but I’m hopeful they will arrive just in time for me to be busy harvesting the olives! Lots of lovely flowers still in your garden, I’m not sure about Dahlias either.

    • Cathy says:

      How long does it take to harvest your olives I wonder? We will be planting our bulbs at the same time I guess, assuming the replacement order arrives! The dahlias seem to be too much trouble for a small and late return – I think I will just leave the current ones in and mulch them.

  3. Such a shame your order has gone missing – I hope the weather doesn’t turn before you can get the in ground.
    Jury is out here on Dahlias too – my grandfather used to grow them and they do not fill me with lovely memories like some of the other plants he used to grow.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, that’s a thought about the weather – I noticed on the weather app on my phone when I was checking re the gales that we had negative o/n temps this time last year…. I had hoped that some bright dahlias would lift the hot borders – I might look at growing some from seed as annuals instead

  4. Annette says:

    How annoying, Cathy, drives me crazy this poor postal service and it gets worth by the day! It’s good if you are able to take it with a half-smile. I also planted different varieties of lettuce in the greenhouse but still have chili and peppers going strong.

    • Cathy says:

      Oh Annette, sorry that are frustrated with the postal service – I actually have great faith in our services in the UK, both Royal Mail and most courier services. Living in a village and being at home a lot also means we tend to see them when they arrive or else they know where to leave them. I have been really pleased with my peppers – those left are still steadily ripening

  5. rusty duck says:

    I am thinking of putting some salad leaves in the growbags vacated by the tomatoes, my greenhouse border soil is dreadful. It will depend on whether I can get them up on the staging. The plants will get nibbled if I leave the bags on the ground!

    • Cathy says:

      Which? Gardening have trialled reusing growbags and can recommend it – I am sure if you and Mr Rusty Duck take an end each you should be able to do it easily. We put this greenhouse on top of where I had a veg bed previously so the soil is OK and this year I sank pots with tomatoes into it for the first time but next year will plant them straight in the soil

  6. sueturner31 says:

    We too are still getting peppers from the allotment greenhouse.If you dont like your about this one…I posted it a while back on my site and as we speak there are dozens of single purple is a species,from Crug Farm Plants in N,Wales.It’s fabulous.I may repost as it’s at it’s best now. Dahlia Purpusii …

    • Cathy says:

      I shall look back for the post, Sue – what do you do with it over winter? Do you think the summer made all the difference for the peppers? My little orange peppers have been really prolific but then again so have the long red ones

      • sueturner31 says:

        The Dahlia ? Well the usual I’m afraid ..I lift and save in the greenhouse …I save seed and I think I should have some for you .Also take cuttings in the spring. We think the summer has been brilliant for both the tomato greenhouse and the pepper house,Mal bought back the last 4 sweet peppers today,and he’s still bringing a small box of toms back every few days ,but I think by the end of the week they will all have finished. Good year for butternut squash as well.

        • Cathy says:

          I think I may leave these tubers outside – which I did with the Bishop of Llandaff which I had as a plant last year. He was a bit late arriving, but is lovely now. Seeds of your Dahlia Purpusii would be lovely if you have some spare. I brought the last of our long red peppers in to finish ripening but the orange ones are all ripe and waiting to be picked – definitely a good year.

      • sueturner31 says:

        I just sent you an email…

      • sueturner31 says:

        sorry I haven’t just sent you an email..

  7. Holleygarden says:

    Sorry your order got lost and that they are out of some of the bulbs you wanted – especially since you ordered so early! I had a plant package disappear once. It finally showed up – of course all the plants were dead – but the replacement plants got here before the originals did! I have never grown dahlias, but think they are so pretty in pictures.

    • Cathy says:

      I find plant companies these days are very good at replacing plants that don’t arrive or arrive in a sickly condition – it means I can generally be confident buying plants by mail order. I am philosophical about the reduced size of my replacement bulb order – it will be cheaper and there will be less bulbs to plant!

  8. Anna says:

    Oh what a shame that that parcel grew legs and walked Cathy especially when you got your order in early. May not be too late to get what you wanted from elsewhere although probably not at the same price. Crocus have got a bulb sale on at the moment. Unfortunately our neighbours’s wind chimes make a similar noise to ‘washing glasses’ on windy nights but yours do look most attractive and unique.

    • Cathy says:

      Windchimes are indeed are a mixed blessing – I spent ages ‘trying out’ windchimes when I first bought some before choosing the nicest sound. These ones are certainly not as subtle as some – but far better now they are detangled! I shall wait till next year before I allow my eyes to get the better of my pocket and order more bulbs!

  9. croftgarden says:

    Oops late again. Your titles always intrigue me and I had visions of you and the Golfer abandoning all (blog included) and living a decadent existentialistic life in the Quartier Latin.
    Sorry about the bulbs! As usual I’ve only just ordered mine!

    • Cathy says:

      I am glad you find the titles teasing – that’s just what I would like them to to be, nice and subtle to tickle the tastebuds! We may well have decided to splash out and buy a campervan but the Golfer and I will certainly not be gallivanting and leading a decadent life on the road let alone in Paris. We shall be here until our dust is shaken onto the garden and then the wind will take us where it will… 🙂

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