Comfortable and Nurturing

IMG_0295Despite the downpours and continued forecast of rain there is somehow something strangely comfortable and nurturing about this mild wet spell – in the familiar surroundings of the garden the rain is adding an extra layer of lushness to the fading glories of the season, boosting reserves and preparing for the next few months like swapping a summer duvet for a winter one and getting ready to hibernate.

The Blue Bowl project gives an indication of the quantity of rain we have had, bearing in mind it is around 18″ (45cm) in diameter, as it the water is only a couple of inches from the top – a good indication that there are no cracks in it too, I am relieved to say, as there were hairline cracks visible in the glaze. In the time available to me today I pottered in the greenhouse, pricking out aquilegia and sowing poppies, echinacea and sweet peas, and in the drizzle the Golfer and I picked another small batch of raspberries and the remainder of the currant size tomatoes from the hanging baskets. I could contain my urge to prune and trim no longer and went to get the secateurs, but the urge was quickly scuppered as the heavens opened once more – hey ho! At least my damp rambles have provided the pleasures of spotting late arrivals – the Bishop has made it at last and Constance is doing just that:


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3 Responses to Comfortable and Nurturing

  1. Annette says:

    Lovely maiden, this Constance – I prefer her to the Bishop but what else would you expect of an atheist!? 😀 It’s strange how different the weather is: Here it’s like summer, so warm that I’ve only just come in from the terrace where we had dinner. Didn’t you say something about plans for the blue bowl the other day? Look forward to that and hope you’ll get some sunshine soon.

    • Cathy says:

      At the moment the blue bowl is installed on its brick plinth but does not yet have a function other than looking vaguely arty – I am wondering about having something floating in it but am waiting for inspiration….

  2. Nice post. I really enjoyed it. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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