Motley Collection

IMG_0285Other activities and then a focus on fruit yesterday has meant there is now a rather motley collection of plants outside the back door waiting for attention. The labels are written so all that is needed is the time, assuming there is no dithering about location or whether pots can justifiably be emptied of earlier contents. There are violas for the baskets at the front of the house, white pansies for the troughs in front of the species snowdrop border and, being a sucker for the hint of a bargain, various half price perennials such as coreopsis, dwarf aster and Verbena bonariensis. Hopefully tomorrow will see them planted, along with making a start on the various autumnal trimming and tidying activities that are now looming.

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6 Responses to Motley Collection

  1. A gardeners lot is never done, is it? I hope the weather is kind to you and allows you to partake in all your autumnal activities!

  2. Annette says:

    That looks promising, Cathy. Don’t want to plant up my containers yet as they still look so good and it’d be a pity especially now that summer has decided to return and will probably tickle a few more flowers out of them.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, Annette, it’s hard to pick the right time when you can still squeeze a few more flowers out of them. That’s partly why I am hanging on a little longer.

  3. Anna says:

    Have fun planting Cathy – this moist mild spell should get them off to a good start.

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