Name, Not Nature

cochicum.4Water Lily by name,
But not nature,
She pushed her
Chicory blanched spears
Through almost barren ground,
Their whiteness taking on
A lilac hue,
Suffusing through
The virginal shoots
Like ink on blotting paper
Till all was coloured-in.
Only then did her petals open,
Unfolding like crafted flowers,
Snipped from a paper roll.
Such beauty and perfection
Is not destined to last
As she will sacrifice
Her brief and glorious moment
When autumn rain
Deflowers her
Short lived innocence.

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8 Responses to Name, Not Nature

  1. Helen says:

    I like this post and that you have used waterlily colchicum to illustrate it. Bought one this weekend

  2. What a lovely color! I enjoyed your post today! Blessings, Natalie

  3. A perfect description of this flower.

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