Under a Bushel

ColchicumReading a post on Patient Gardener‘s blog a couple of weeks ago about the colchicum flowering in her garden prompted me to check on the progress of Colchicum ‘Water Lily’ in my own garden. It was a few days before I remembered to include it on my rambles, by which time it had dawned on me that there were several displaced rocks from where I was working on the stream around the spot where they were planted. Indeed, lifting one of the larger rocks I found several deformed white shoots – however, a little over a week later the blanched spears of the left hand picture had been transformed into the taller purple tinged potential beauties on the right, so all is not lost and their light can now shine forth.

I have included some more colchicums in my Peter Nyssen bulb order which has yet to be delivered, so it is quite possible that the flower shoots will already be pushing their way out when they arrive, just as these ‘Water Lily’ colchicums were when I first had them.

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8 Responses to Under a Bushel

  1. Pauline says:

    Plants are so resilient aren’t they, it’s amazing how hard they try to survive. I am so surprised at how quickly mine are multiplying, I will be able to move more next year and start them off in a different part of the garden.

  2. I love these and have not seen mine yet…I am hoping they did not rot in the rain.

  3. Christina says:

    They always look naked to me, just like someone stole their clothes. They do add a great splash of colour at this time of year though, perhaps I could plant them with something to hide their bare stems.

  4. Anna says:

    The will to survive never ceases to surprise me Cathy – plants have amazing powers of recovery – wish that we were so resilient 🙂

  5. kate says:

    I clearly ought to be scanning the meadow for signs of my colchicums – nothing so far apart from the one the P mowed flat yesterday, but we’ve agreed not to speak about that (again). I must go out and check properly. I’m also waiting for a Peter Nyssen order, maybe today? No colchicums in it, though…

  6. Annette says:

    Very impressive, the survival instinct of plants (and people alike, come to think of it). Always had Waterlily on my list but having had so many wild Colchicums around me in Switzerland I somewhat forgot. Maybe good idea for my new garden

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, I knew they would be alive under the rocks somewhere! They are really pretty when fully open, but won’t take kindly to any heavy rain because of all their petals. By the way, I checked on growing conditions for Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ and it is only ‘supposed’ to grow to a height of .75m with a spread of .5m!!

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