The Cherry Tree Bites Back

CIMG2254The Golfer may have successfully lopped the cherry tree (it’s the one covered in ivy) to just above the height of the shed extension, shredded most of the smaller offcuts and sawn the larger ones, but we are not sure who came off worse on Saturday, as he has acquired either a bruised or a cracked rib as a reward for his efforts. Although very safety conscious, bringing down the main trunk sandwiched him against a smaller protruding branch which had already been lopped and this is what did the damage. His doctor, the same age as him but avoiding full retirement, suggested that perhaps he shouldn’t be cutting down trees at his age, although he knew full well that this was an everyday sort of activity for the Golfer.

In the UK Midlands we seem to be avoiding the wet and stormy weather that had been promised or has already reached other parts of the country, with only momentary showers and one short but ‘proper’ shower yesterday. A beautifully clear and moonlit sky last night meant a cool start to the day (and a reminder that frosts may not be too distant) but also bright blue skies all morning. I managed to cut the grass next to the stream before another brief shower but rather than get involved in other tasks that might be interrupted I spent some time in the kitchen instead, poaching rhubarb and blanching windfall cooking apples ready for the freezer. There are almost enough tomatoes to make my third batch of chutney, and it seems strange that despite this year’s hot summer and prompt sowing of tomatoes they seem to be ripening later and more slowly than last year. Has anyone else found this?

Now, does a ‘professional’ watering can turn one into a professional gardener? I have been looking out for a second hand Haws watering can for some time, particularly to use on seedlings in the greenhouse, but decided in the end to splash out on spanking brand new one despite the expense, as their expected life span is supposed to be 20+ years, by which time I would hope to be still watering seedlings and would therefore feel it had been money well spent. Mind you, it took some dithering to decide on a SIZE and then a COLOUR!


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  1. My Haws watering can is a plastic version and they definitely do not last 20 years if you leave them outside, ok I know I shouldn’t but I always keep my cans full next to the water butts. It still works well bound up in gaffer tape.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Debbie – I hadn’t realised they did plastic ones till I started searching eBay and Amazon, but I was fed up with the roses of (ordinary) plastic ones splitting or dropping off (don’t think I have roses for ANY of our plastic ones any more, despite gaffer tape!). I too try and keep my plastic ones filled up particularly when rain is imminent to maximise space in the butts – now the butts are full things don’t really need watering though, other than tomatoes! I intend to keep my new purchase in the greenhouse so it should be safe.

  2. Annette says:

    Ups, now I clicked “liked” but I don’t like it one bit that the Golfer got hurt. Can you tell him I’m sorry and that I wish him a speedy recovery, please :). Gardening can be quite dangerous and maybe I should devote a post to all that has happened to us since we started, broken ribs et al included. Where does the rhubarb come from at this time of year? Best wishes to you both!

    • Cathy says:

      I shall pass your message on, Annette – thanks. There are hazards just waiting, aren’t there? We still have some rhubarb which has definitely been underpicked this year, possibly because I got so involved picking the soft fruit. Not quite as tender as the earlier stalks, but still SO nice when poached

  3. I’m so sorry that the cherry tree bit the Golfer. I’m glad it’s no worse than it was and hope that he’s much better soon. Now that we are both in our 70’s, I hire someone to come do our tree work. It’s just to dangerous for either of us to get on ladders and do that kind of thing. I love your new watering can. Blessings, Natalie

    • Cathy says:

      The Golfer is a similar age, Natalie (but I am a baby in comparison!), but we are both fortunate to be fit and agile (and quite sporty) and hope to be climbing ladders for many more years yet! He has an engineering background and knows instinctively how to do things like this safely, but although the trunk came down safely and exactly where expected it rolled slightly and that’s what did it so he was cross with himself that he didn’t allow for that. I shall pick the damsons this year though as the last time the Golfer picked them the ladder overbalanced! Thanks for all your kind comments – I send blessings out every day too.

  4. I liked the watering can and all your goodies you are storing for winter food but am sorry to read Cathy that the golfer has hurt himself, I hope it’s not too painful and his rib heals quickly, though at our age things sometimes take longer to heal, Frances x

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Frances – he’s having an x-ray tomorrow and is actually taking his prescribed painkillers which he hasn’t done before, so it must be painful. How is the revision going?

      • hello Cathy, I hope the x-ray didn’t show any major problems and things will start to heal, and that he is resting,
        revision is tough, I’ve prepared the 3 presentations, 1 of which I will have to do, it’s the questions after that leave us all (students on the course) confused as there is no real indication as to what the subjects will be, last year on the beginners course there were clear subject titles, so a lot will be luck, I’m just hoping my examiner doesn’t ask me the technology presentation and questions as I can’t do that in English either! lol
        thanks for your thoughts, Frances

        • Cathy says:

          Resting? Ha – not him! His doctor won’t get the results of the x-ray for a fortnight, so it’s just tough if it IS cracked – isn’t that daft? Keep positive about the revision, you’ll get there 😉

          • hello Cathy, I read your replies to other commenters after I posted and saw that he’s been off playing golf, I can see sympathy is wasted …….. that is a long time to wait for the x-ray condidering the circumstances,
            thanks for positive vibes, it was this morning and I was first, I’m glad it’s over, I did terrible on the Q&A but as I have passed all the assignments there is the possiblity of a re-sit next spring, at the moment I am ‘floating’ with the relief, and enjoying doing some catch up on blogging, will post myself this weekend, Frances

          • Cathy says:

            Must be such a relief to get it out of the way, Frances – was it all done over the internet with a webcam or did you go to a centre for this oral? The Golfer does have a high pain threshold, and he does enjoy his golf so wanted to give it a go although both he and the golf suffered 😉 Yes, no more sympathy needed now, thank you very much!

          • over the internet but no webcam, they only need to hear us,
            yes pain is relative, one persons pain is anothers slight irritation, and if the later expresses pain then it is very painful, have a good weekend, Frances

          • Cathy says:

            The internet is such a boon, when used wisely, isn’t it Frances? You have a god weekend too, and I hope you have some gardening weather!

  5. rusty duck says:

    Ouch! Mike did something similar last year and it does hurt. Please pass on our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Posh can 🙂

  6. croftgarden says:

    Oh dear poor old golfer – I am sure you will give him lots of TLC.
    A Haws is a good investment, mine has certainly manged more than 25 years, but like me is a bit battered around the edges but still going strong!

    • Cathy says:

      The Golfer knows better than to expect any TLC from me – empathy and practical suggestions are what he gets. He was still able to go and play golf (of sorts) despite the pain so let’s not encourage him to wallow in any misguided self pity …. 😉

  7. Anna says:

    Oh dear so sorry to read about the golfer’s mishap Cathy and hope that he heals quickly. I’ve been tempted by those Hawes watering cans too although mystified as to why they are so expensive. So far I have not succumbed 🙂 Hope that its provides you with many years of good service.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Anna – he is made of stern stuff so should heal OK despite his age! I think it’s the traditional British workmanship that make the Hawes cans so expensive, although now I know where they are made (B’ham) I might see if they have a factory shop!

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