Twenty Four Inches

CIMG2229(ie two feet…)
I took the Golfer on a ramble around the garden this afternoon, pointing out the highs and the lows, but also to discuss what trees could be cut back to reduce shade levels. After a little nap, the Golfer set too and cut an overhanging branch off the ash which we planted in the woodland and now hangs over the back fence and cuts out the afternoon sun from some of our main borders. Now in his stride, he extended the ladders and set too in the canopy of a cherry planted by the previous owner which produces copious quantities of bitter cherries that even the local bird population reject, resulting in a carpet of unpleasant fruit on the ground underneath and a large number of cherry seedlings in adjacent soil. The tree supports a variety of different ivies so we agreed that the multiple trunks should be cut to about shed roof height. The shredder will no doubt be working overtime tomorrow!

CIMG2230CIMG2232In the meantime I continued with what I had begun the day before, cutting back the loganberries and tying in the raspberries within the fruit cage. A friend has asked for some loganberry canes for her allotment and hopefully thinning ours out this way will give them a boost. Both have cropped well this year, with over 11lbs of loganberries in total (last year’s 15lbs was exceptional) and over 9lbs of raspberries up to now. The raspberries are autumn fruiting varieties which I am double cropping, so the later fruits should be even more plentiful. While bagging up the trimmings I noted late sawfly on the gooseberries and wondered whether to ditch the current plants, which were rescued in a sorry state when we bought the house and have rarely fruited well, and buy new more reliable varieties. Next job up will be pruning the currants, something I used not to be confident of but they generally do well so I must be doing OK.

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One Response to Twenty Four Inches

  1. Oh I love raspberries and currants. I’ve not had loganberries but I would imagine I’d like them too. Enjoy the fruits of you labor. Blessings, Natalie

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