Making Good Progress

good.progressWhether or not it’s the amount of sunshine we have had this summer or perhaps because I have been more attentive than in other years, but everything in the greenhouse is progressing really well – it’s like a jungle in there and there is a little more evidence of colour other than green since that single red tomato on Wordless Wednesday last week.

The single red ‘Sunbeam’ tomato has suddenly been joined by several others (top left) on the same and an adjacent truss, in varying degrees of redness, but elsewhere everything is still resolutely green: the ‘Black Russian’ tomatoes (top right) I am trialling for Which? Gardening are HUGE (3-4″ in diameter), the long red peppers (bottom left) are long but still green, and the ‘Lemon Tree’ tomatoes at bottom right are twice the size as those I grew last year and really do look like a bunch of small green lemons. Potting everything on in good time and into decent size pots, watering and regularly feeding seem to be paying dividends and in a few weeks I will no doubt have more tomatoes than I can possibly deal with at any one time.

The Wall too is making good progress, requiring only the layer of tiles ( the ’tile crease’ my Man at the reclamation yard called it) and the final course of engineering bricks before it is finished – hurrah!


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6 Responses to Making Good Progress

  1. Both seem to be doing quite well and making great progress.

  2. Pauline says:

    Your wall is looking ever so good, how high is it? All your produce in the greenhouse is looking excellent, you will be enjoying them for ages!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Pauline – the wall is about 6 feet high but would probably have been OK with one less course. I have never had a greenhouse with such healthy contents before!

  3. Annette says:

    Your veg certainly looks great, Cathy. How do you feel about heirloom varieties? I’ve planted a lot but have decided that I can be without some. Heirloom unfortunately does not always go hand in hand with taste.

    • Cathy says:

      I approve of the idea of growing heirloom varieties, but not strongly enough to look them out myself. I would happily just grow Gardeners’ Delight tomatoes but am happy to take on the extra varieties passed on by a friend as she has done all the initial hard work. She tends to keep seeds from varieties of tomatoes and peppers she has had from supermarkets and has enjoyed the taste of.

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