The Spirit of the Garden

CIMG1947For those wondering about the ribbons, the wait is over – they have combined with the trellis and twisting jasmine stems to make an abstract art installation. The Spirit of the Garden takes both natural and man-made elements and blends all the different shades of the garden into something that is intangible but nevertheless omnipresent, and I have tried to represent this spiritual energy in an abstract way, utilising the intertwining at the CIMG1943back of the clematis colonnade (the Buddha is incidental). I would have liked more curves, but without stapling the ribbons into shape this wasn’t possible. The colour of the ribbons throughout the year, even when there is little colour elsewhere in the garden, will remind us that the spiritual energy of the garden is there at all times, even when we cannot see it.

CIMG2003This project was quickly completed earlier this week, but other blogging content has got in the way of it being unveiled. The Wall project, however will take a little longer, and after risking pesky biting creatures yesterday evening to mix concrete for the footings so that construction could begin today, a wet night and morning nearly put the bricklayer on short time and delayed the start.

However, as promised, it did brighten up later and I have been able to make a start, mindful that my 5 or 6 hour bricklaying days when the extension was being built were more than 15 years ago and the walls at the back of the hot border were not much more recent either. I shall take it steady, and also need to find a more practical working arrangement for the brick pile and the mortaring board as space is restricted as it is and will become even more so as the wall gets higher (planned height about 1.75m). While the Golfer helped move bricks from the front of the house to the back we were reminded of the many happy months we spent renovating the house and building the extension – all those bricks, tiles, sand, mortar and concrete being shifted around to various locations. Happy Days – and I am happy as a sandboy back in my bricklaying rôle…


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4 Responses to The Spirit of the Garden

  1. I have tried to explain that spiritual energy that exists in the garden; the textures, colors, and shapes all combine to create that energy without much luck. I have come to believe you can not describe it you can only share it. I am glad to see you have created space for that purpose.

    • Cathy says:

      I have had the concept of ‘a sculpture’ to represent the spirit of the garden in my mind for a long time Charlie, but with no idea of form; it was only when looking at this space that the idea came to me and it all fell into place

  2. Annette says:

    Very interesting interpretation of the Spirit of the garden and I’d say the Buddha looks spot on. Marvellous your bricklaying skills, Cathy. For such a high wall you had to prepare quite a solid foundation. Take it easy and I’m looking forward to the result. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Annette – the Buddha has been sitting in this position since the colonnade was put together last year but has said nothing about the artwork, so perhaps I can take this as tacit approval? The wall will be ‘tied’ into a fencepost at one end, and has a return at the other whilst a pillar half way along its length will give it extra stability. Enjoy your w/e too.

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