Curly Wurly

CIMG1916Isn’t she lovely? Clematis integrifolia ‘Pastel Blue’, fully open in all her twistiness – it has been so intriguing watching her and her buds progress to this stage and she is obviously happy to be here. She was moved from her position in what is now the left hand hot border where she was poised to climb up a ceanothus, but had barely begun scrambling when she was whisked away to her new home (the ceanothus was less fortunate as he was merely whisked away…).

CIMG1917Also bringing delight, or at least hints of delights to come, is the leafy evidence of dahlias in the hot borders. Pushing their way up behind Crocosmia ‘Canary Bird’ are D. Bishop of Llandaff on the left, overwintered under a mulch and re-emerging when hope of it doing so was nearly exhausted, and D. Procyon to the right, a fiery red and orange decorative dahlia. As this is the first time I have started dahlias off from tubers I have not been entirely sure what to expect timewise, but have seen dahlias popping up in other people’s blogs so am unsure why my flowers are going to be that much later. Hopefully when they do arrive they will do a good job prolonging the colour in these borders now the geum have all been cut back, although the crocosmia are doing a grand job in the meantime along with the late sown nasturtium.

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10 Responses to Curly Wurly

  1. Pauline says:

    Love your little blue clematis, so pretty. My dahlias are only just starting to flower, they were planted as tubers like yours, I think maybe they flower earlier from cuttings?

  2. Annette says:

    I’m very fond of C. integrifolia. She’s a little late though, isn’t she? Why did you separate her from the ceanothus? I remember you worrying about the Dahlias in the spring and am happy for you that they did come up after all. Did you see the Crocosmia feature in Gardens Illustrated? (or was it The Garden?)

    • Cathy says:

      The ceanothus had to be removed as it was BLUE in what was going to extended to become a hot border – but the integrifolia is far happier where she is now and had not done much in her previous spot so I couldn’t say if she was late or not. The crocosmia article was not in The Garden sand I haven’t seen it – any chance of scanning and emailing it?

  3. Anna says:

    Oh I have a touch of iwantitis after seeing the photo of your clematis Cathy – I like both the shape and colour 🙂 My dahlias have been flowering for a while now. Perhaps you planted yours just a little bit later but they will catch up in their own good time and will provide you with some welcome late summer/ early autumn colour.

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