Hunting High and Low

highandlowReturning to the house after my first ramble of the day I spotted this out-of-focus Cyclamen hederifolium f. albiflorum in the species snowdrop border (with nicely focussed ivy leaves) and remembered being surprised by it last year too, but towards the end of August. I suppose it may have been there for a few days or even longer, and you would have thought I would have learned to remember to look down as well as up on every ramble – which I clearly haven’t done as later in the day I spotted that contrary to what I said on Friday the newer ‘Êtoile Violette’ to the right of the bus shelter is indeed flowering, but high up in ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’. You could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather!

CIMG1897The surprises didn’t end there as the Golfer has taken to the occasional ramble too, so that when I say “have you seen the so-and-so?” he can say “yes, I have”, but today he turned the tables on me by asking if I had seen the two mini cucumbers – which I hadn’t! These are ones I am trialling for Which? Gardening and had put in hanging baskets when I realised what a wasted resource the wall behind the hot borders was. I have not grown cucumbers before so don’t know if this is a particularly good year for them, but there are plenty of tiny fruits forming on the plants and these two are such a sensible size. Well spotted, Golfer!

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9 Responses to Hunting High and Low

  1. Pauline says:

    I too went looking for cyclamen herderifolium this morning, but nothing to see in the garden here! C.Etoille Violet does seem to be rather rampant, ours is now trying to climb up the dead oak, not content with it’s obelisk!

    • Cathy says:

      I can’t believe I didn’t notice it had gone UPWARDS – but I suppose I just didn’t expect it do much in its first year 😉 I haven’t got nice colonies of cyclamen like you have though, Pauline, so yours will be even lovelier when they start flowering!

  2. The appearance of Cyclamen hederifolium seems to mark a significant point in the year for me. As it flowers for such a long period that almost overlaps with the winter flowering Cyclamen coum, I always see it as the first harbinger of the coming autumn.

    • Cathy says:

      Your comment went in spam, Phil, and had to be rescued! Until last year I don’t think I had noticed when it flowered, but writing the blog makes you notice such things, and I suspect I shall have to go along with the suggestion that it’s an early harbinger of autumn. I wouldn’t mind a few more of them, anyway.

  3. Annette says:

    4 eyes see more than 2 ;)…and your cyclamen definitely seems confused how else could it bloom right now??? Crazy but beautiful world.

  4. Anna says:

    That’s what makes gardening exciting Cathy – all these sudden arrivals out of nowhere 🙂

  5. Anna B says:

    I love these kind of surprises too! My mini cucumbers have been really poor so far 😦 No idea why? I think I’ve had one since I got back from France!!

    • Cathy says:

      I am no expert so can’t make any suggestions and certainly wasn’t sure whether they would be OK in the baskets but they obviously are 😉

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