Rain Stops Play

CIMG1824I had just come back to the house after a lingering ramble late morning today, monitoring progress, looking for new emergences, checking labels and assessing the progress of the stream (still losing some water…grrr), having decided I had time to pick raspberries and loganberries before lunch. Some of the raspberry canes are virtually exhausted of fruit now, and I was looking forward to cutting these back to allow more space for the canes that will fruit in autumn, whereas some of the loganberries are probably past their best now. I was just letting the Golfer know that I was disappearing to the bottom of the garden so he didn’t worry about where I had gone, when I looked up and saw rain bouncing off surfaces outside – and my! how it rained!! The thunder rumbled across for 3 or 4 hours* with almost continual torrential rain, adding another 15mm to the 40mm we had during Saturday evening and night.

It put paid to any outdoor jobs although the Golfer did venture to the shed to cut some timber and I, after trialling ‘something’ for my back-of-shed project, then had to assess it in situ by which time the rain had eased off a little. meanwhile, it has been interesting to watch the water level in the galvanised tank (shown above) increasing in the last few days, despite there still being a drainage hole in the bottom; although I have decided that I will use this as a planted water feature it is nevertheless not worth the risk of leaving it  un-bunged!

CIMG1823Making the most of the rain-enforced sit-in I have also been able to de-stone another batch of cherries the Golfer had brought back from the golf course – it must be a particularly good year for cherries as several people have talked of picking them wild. Both red and black cherries were particularly juicy, but I had learned from the experience of Friday’s picking and de-stoning that the juice of the black ones also stains. Despite wearing latex gloves on Friday my fingers were purple afterwards, with the juice staining all round the finger nails too as well as in random spots across the kitchen table. Having learned that lesson, I wore TWO pairs of latex gloves today and devised a screen to restrict the extent of juice spurting – with some success, fortunately.

* five hours after the thunder first started it is rumbling over us again…..

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2 Responses to Rain Stops Play

  1. Pauline says:

    The rain is so welcome after all the heat, the garden is looking a lot happier than a week ago. So far we haven’t had any thunder yet, but enough rain to fill the water butts once more. We too have been busy freezing fruit, gooseberries, black and red currants are now safely stored waiting to made into lots of lovely puds!

    • Cathy says:

      Well done for getting your fruit picked and stored – is that all done now? That will be a must for me tomorrow if it is dry. The Midlands is reputed to have more thunderstorms than other parts of the UK, but we haven’t had more than just an odd rumble for a very long time until today. The rain looked as if it was just being poured out of a huge jug in the sky!! I am glad you have had rain too, but in more manageable quantities than you had a few months ago.

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