Now You See It……

CIMG1704A week ago, we were brushing past dog rose and the watchful eyes of a hundred or so starlings to get to the chickens; the bit between his teeth, the Golfer systematically chopped and shredded the former, uttered a few curses at the latter (the starlings, that is, not the chickens), then stocked up on timber before removing the two underlying and disintegrating fence panels. Since then, after consultation with his boss, he has gradually removed ivy with a stem as a thick as a large child, cut out overhanging and unidentified branches from a tree growing on the other side of the fence line, and come to an agreement about what was once a hazel sapling, in addition to constructing a fence panel or two. So, once you saw it, but now you don’t……


CIMG1822Useful person to have about the place is the Golfer ….. sawing away outside, as I write ….. I, meanwhile, have barely set foot in the garden today, the sum total of my activity being the opening of the greenhouse door this morning, a quick dollop of sealant on yesterday’s mortar, filling up the reservoir of the stream with several cans full of water and hope, and the switching on of the pump. All I can do now is wait and watch …..

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4 Responses to Now You See It……

  1. Anna B says:

    Isn’t it great to have a handy man!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes indeed, Anna, although it has made me a little ‘lazy’ as I will now let him do things I would have done myself in the past – not that I am sitting twiddling my thumbs though, just doing other jobs!

  2. croftgarden says:

    Are you ready for the chaise longue and peeled grapes?

    • Cathy says:

      Ha ha! I think the next step is daytime naps, is it not? It took the Golfer a long time to get used to my stubborn independence but now we have settled into roles which are sometimes interchangeable and neither of us are ones for sitting around doing nothing, although the Golfer does need an occasional nap! I think that day I was either not at home much or busy with other things 😉

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