The Roses Return

CIMG1619Rambling away from home yet again we paid a return visit to Coughton Court today on our way to Surrey to see Elder Daughter; we had a day out there last September at which time I realised another visit in June or July would be worthwhile to see the Rose Labyrinth in all its abundance and thus this en route stop was planned – just to see the roses. They will undoubtedly have been at their best now due to the lateness of the season and the underplanting set them off well, although few of the supporting clematis were flowering yet. Surprisingly, I was not aware of any real fragrance despite the warmth of the day, our roses at home easily surpassing these at Coughton in terms of their overall scent even with their limited numbers. I wonder why this was, as I am sure fragrance will have been planned into the design.

I didn’t stop to check the labels of every rose, but I particularly liked these two, ‘Alchymist’ on the left and possibly ‘Thespa’ on the right:

The sculpture of Fair Rosamund at the centre of the labyrinth was well enclosed by the appropriate Rosa Mundi at this time of year:

The design of the labyrinth meant that you traced and retraced your steps around and across the rose garden, seeing things from different angles and against different backgrounds, ensuring the garden, designed by the daughter of owner Clare McLaren-Throckmorton, acclaimed designer Christina Williams, a place as one of the finest rose gardens in the world.


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2 Responses to The Roses Return

  1. Pauline says:

    Such a lot of beautiful roses, you must have had a lovely time while you were there. I’ve found that my roses release their perfume early morning and evening, the heat at the moment must evaporate the oils as roses that I know have a wonderful perfume, don’t have any at mid-day.

    • Cathy says:

      Silly me – I had forgotten the basics of Key Stage 2 science and how we are able to smell things. You must of course be right about this Pauline, and again today the smell from the roses was minimal – but not so the sweet peas…

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