The Answer to One of Life’s Remaining Mysteries

NRM.YorkWhether men ever have to queue for the toilet is no longer a mystery* – they do! – particularly at the National Railway Museum in York where all 6 (I missed photographing Dominion of Canada) surviving A4 Pacific Class steam locomotives are together for the first time to celebrate 75 years since Mallard  set a new steam locomotive world speed record of 126mph that still stands today (hurrah!). Enough said – and I suspect I will never again be able to walk past a line of queuing men and straight into a ladies’ loo….

Never one to miss a garden opportunity on our days out, whatever the main purpose, I ensured we enjoyed a pleasant short stroll around the gardens of the Yorkshire Museum next to the River Ouse where, amidst the setting of various historical buildings, I photographed some beautiful allium heads, wonderfully silver eryngium, the first flowers on a huge clump of day lilies and the contrasting muted colours of an ornamental elder.

YorkMuseumCIMG1562I was also intrigued to read about the endangered tansy beetle, which is found only in the UK along the banks of the Ouse around York, and for which they had planted a special bed of tansy, ox eye daisy and yarrow. Although they have bred this iridescent green beetle in captivity and introduced it to this bed, we did not make its acquaintance today. We were pleased though, to become acquainted with some very lovely pure white peonies and delightful delphiniums in the gardens behind the Treasurer’s House:

MerchantsHouse*Friend of the acre garden was rather mystified at this supposed mystery because, coming from a male perspective, there was no mystery – and (I am told) men always have to queue for the loo at rugby (and presumably football) matches and rock concerts. I apologise to all male readers who were similarly puzzled and for the false assumption held by myself and other female visitors to the National Railway Museum (nevertheless, in what is really a tourist attraction for all the family, there was still an overwhelming dominance of men there yesterday, and men of a very distinctive trainspotter type – there, I have said it! )

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5 Responses to The Answer to One of Life’s Remaining Mysteries

  1. Anna says:

    Now that is definitely a turn up for the books Cathy – a definite example of ladies before gentlemen for a change.Sounds as if you both had a grand day out.

  2. croftgarden says:

    The image of a line of train spotters queuing for the loo made me laugh so much I almost fell off my chair. Thank you.

    • Cathy says:

      You are welcome, Christine – perhaps you need to be strapped in for your own safety like a baby or someone a little more senile ….

      • croftgarden says:

        It’s worse than you think – worn out joints means I perch somewhat precarious on a kneeling stool (meant to keep my spine straight) so too much giggling and an unstable wobble sets in.

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