Mixed Blessings


The laburnum, of which there are two or three, is growing along our hedge line, almost directly outside our back window, resulting in wind blown heaps of yellow petals for several weeks, numerous seed pods later in the year and in due course hundreds of baby laburnums – floriferous, but very YELLOW, and a more than a little akin to the D*****’s P***** in its nuisance value. At one point last year we decided that it was accessible enough (but tall) to remove without too much trouble but with the Golfer’s multi-expertise, so we mentioned it to our neighbour assuming that it was the previous owner of our house who had been responsible for this act as part of the random planting locations he seemed to favour. Alas, no, it was our Neighbour, who in a similar discussion this year admitted liability for the D*****’s P***** but would hear nothing said against either offending creature. Ah well, perhaps we can surreptitiously lop little bits off the laburnum when his back is turned until there is nothing left….

Incidentally, the Three Sisters briefly touched on the presence of yellow in the garden as we toured Barnsdale…. Younger Sister liked to include yellow (but not pink – no PINK?!), consciously limiting the palette of her small London garden whilst Elder Sister and I were less keen. I do include it in my hot borders now, but prefer its brashness toned down with deep oranges and reds, and must confess to preferring miniature narcissi to their larger brothers and sisters because there is less yellow. I am rather ashamed to admit to this colour prejudice, and yet I suspect it is not uncommon.

DSCN2190We have travelled up to my Mum’s today, not too distant from Oban in western Scotland, leaving the garden to the whims of the June weather and the marauding chicken belonging to our other Neighbour – perhaps this is the price to pay for him looking after our chickens! The greenhouse is empty apart from the tomatoes and peppers, well watered on the gravel trays (so well watered I had to bale them out!), all the other young plants which were not quite ready to be planted out having being placed outside but protected from  sun and critters by these useful net cloches. Should be OK for a few days.


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  1. have a lovely time with your Mum Cathy, how clever just in time for the midge season ……………

    on colour I’m with younger sister, I am not a pink person and have much to much pink in my garden, none of it chosen but in the form of cheap bundle plants that turn out to be pink (I’ve come to the conclusion most people don’t want pink so it’s what the garden centres and nurseries get left with they sell cheap) and divisions from other gardeners getting rid of their pink plants (again more pink is passed on than other colours), here many of the natives are yellow, to me yellow is the sunshine colour, who couldn’t want a bit of sunshine in their garden, I do sympathise about the laburnum though, Frances

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