They Grow on You – OOH!

roses-oohIt won’t be everybody that remembers Cadburys’ advertising campaign from the late 60s, featuring Norman Vaughn and promoting their Roses brand, but for those that do the catchphrase ‘Roses Grow on You – OOH!’ will be forever imprinted in their memory, such is the power of advertising.

DSCN2182The sudden appearance of roses in the garden has been apparent just in the last couple of days, so obviously the conditions have conspired with them to encourage their long summer journey. The lone ‘Zéphirine Drouhin’ I featured on May 30th has been joined by a small gathering on the same plant, the heady rose fragrance just beginning to tickle the olfactory sensory organs, but a number of other roses are now presenting their blooming wares to anyone strolling past – a small start, but the number of buds hint at a promisingly full display in the very near future. Clockwise from the top left are ‘Pink Perpetué’, ‘Parkdirektor  Riggers’, ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ and ‘Danse de Feu’, all climbers. Like ‘Rambling Rector’, I shall be keeping a watchful eye on the buds of the others, waiting for the first hint of colour that kicks off their performance.

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5 Responses to They Grow on You – OOH!

  1. Pauline says:

    The lovely warm weather has brought them all on down here and they are starting to open their first flowers, I think summer has arrived at last! Climbers on the pergola are all opening up, including my Mdme Alfred Carriere as well as some of the shrub roses. And yes, I do remember the TV advert!

  2. croftgarden says:

    Only those of a certain age (including me) will have a clue as to the identity of Norman Wisdom never mind the advertisement. Strange how somethings linger in the recesses of the grey matter. I do miss roses which is why I persevere with my sad hedge of Rosa rugosa. The scent of an old fashioned rose is alas but a distant memory. A la recherche du temps perdu……

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