Light and Shade

DSCN2070Most of the UK has been enjoying what must have been the two sunniest and warmest days of the year so far, no doubt forgetting the usual cynicism about Bank Holiday weather in the process. Apart from my short and quickly achieved tasks yesterday I have been able to devote very little time to the garden over the weekend, with one commitment and another, but I have still found to appreciate it on my rambles through. The one thing I have been particularly aware of with the unusually strong and intense sunlight were the shadows cast, adding a completely new dimension to the garden – a changeable, mutable, almost ethereal dimension.

I must confess to many return journeys to the woodland edge border, to remind myself of the almost overwhelming beauty of the current combination of rhododendron, Geraneum phaem, epimedium, pulmonaria, persicaria and the on-going structure of the hellebores. This picture doesn’t really do them justice as the density, colour, depth, shape, everything combines to create a pageant worthy of awe. I may have put the plants there in the first place, but they did the rest themselves in conjunction with Nature and all her wiles – and they must have a good relationship because it has never looked as good before.

The presence of a thistly looking beast rather spoils the beauty of the display – I was waiting till it flowered before I decided whether to remove it, but seeing this photo makes me want to yank it out immediately!


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8 Responses to Light and Shade

  1. Pauline says:

    I also love shadows of our huge trees on the lawn, they make such pretty patterns. Your woodland edge border is overflowing with interest, gorgeous flowers and leaves, a real tapestry.

  2. I organized the plantings around my porch so the swing is in dappled light most of the day…it is quite a precious commodity.

  3. Even though the greatest color and drama is in our sunny front yard, the tranquility and quiet beauty are in the shady back. Your garden looks great, and I love your little Easter Island man.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Jason – I am always on the lookout for oddments to display in the garden, the quirkier the better! Glad you enjoy your shade as well as your sun!

  4. Hannah says:

    That’s a really lovely combination of colour in your pic.

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