Does This Deserve an Ice Cream?

I am ‘tricking’ my WordPress picture editing problem by inserting a picture into Word and taking a ‘snip’ which is then saved as a .jpg file – sneaky eh?

DSCN2064I have used my gardening time on several short activities in the last day or two, including filling two of the above containers with plants bought from Aldi – a 25cm pot filled with 7 pastel shaded plants for £4.99. Fuchsia, petunia, lobelia, verbena and impatiens, all healthy, bushy plants, plus the compost they came in and the pot too, if one needs more pots (which this one doesn’t) – definitely a bargain, so apologies to non UK readers and those without access to Aldi! I also bought some of the trailing petunias I wanted for the front-ofDSCN2063-house baskets from there, at substantially less than  the price I paid for the rest of them at one of my local garden centres. The baskets are filled now, with 3 shades of surfinia petunia (after my dissatisfaction with the ‘wave’ varieties last year) and some pink/purple trailing lobelia – they may be a bit ‘twee’, but given even half-decent weather they will be stunning for months, although of course they look far from it now.

I had a delivery of hardy geranium from Cranesbill Nursery yesterday, so they have been planted up today, neatly labelled with the Brother garden labeller I had for Christmas which hadn’t been used until now as I had been dithering over the labels themselves. I have gone for 6″ stick labels (still in black) which are flexible and shouldn’t break as easily as the previous T-labels, and completed a small backlog of labelling at the same time as the geraniums were named.


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9 Responses to Does This Deserve an Ice Cream?

  1. Like your containers. How long will your labels last outside? I’m always looking for one that can stand living under the snow and ice. 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Don’t know about the ones from the labeller but they are m,eant to be weatherproof. I have used a fine permanent white marker on black labels for a long time but the writing does eventually fade (say 5+ years maybe) and the T labels snapped if trodden on. If you have unbreakable labels that’s a good start, and can keep an eye out for fading writing then that’s the easier option

  2. Helen Johnstone says:

    I do like your ice cream planter. I have been using black labels and a silver pen for my labels this year which looks rather nice. I have baskets and pots to plant this weekend

    • Cathy says:

      I like black labels too, with a white marker, and may end up going back to them but will see how permanent these labels are. We bought the planters at an outdoor antique fair a few years ago – the vendor wanted us to buy all of them (about 10!) but we managed to escape with only 2! I have left them unplanted (neglect!) for the last couple of years but am determined to have all my big pots and planters planted up this summer, so this is a start. Enjoy your planting up this w/e.

  3. I have no idea what you meant in that first paragraph, but I’m impressed. I haven’t seen surfinia petunias, what was the problem with wave? I love lobelia erinus but they will not last in our hot summer.s

    • Cathy says:

      Sorry about the first bit – it’s not really technical! A ‘snip’ is a Windows 7 feature where you can take a copy of part of your screen – so my picture included blank areas at the side, which meant I could get a smaller picture on WordPress. The wave petunias just didn’t flower well and were in tatters after any rain – but it was a wet summer so perhaps the surfinias wouldn’t have done well either. Surfinia petunias seem to be the most common trailing petunias in the UK

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