Sitting Comfreytably

There seems to be a glitch in WordPress editing options at the moment, as I can only import pictures as large, medium or thumbnail and can’t access symbols for accents and the like. Hopefully it will resolve itself in due course.

The last week or so of warmth and sunshine has had a dramatic effect on this corner against the back fence, between the blue & white border and the rose garden, resulting in dramatically luxurious foliage The tall stump is the remains of a self seeded elder, now annhialated, with deep blue Clematis ‘Lord Neville’ starting to scramble up it – he just needs a bit more support but is already showing several buds. In front of it are two different comfreys, Symphytum ‘Goldsmith’ (I think) on the left with pink buds opening to blue and white, and Symphytum caucasicum ‘Norwich Sky’ on the right. I should have taken a photo earlier, when the clumps were swathed in sunshine and a haven for bees. The taller ‘Norwich Sky’ plays away from home a little, but not enough to be thuggish (and pulls out easily if it goes where it is not wanted), and ‘Goldsmith’ doesn’t always stand as erect as this, forming more of a mat during the winter, and has spread in this corner but not elsewhere. I was trying to note the different types of bees when they stayed still enough to be noted, although this proved difficult – but there were definitely honey bees and white tailed bees amongst them.

More surprises today – the first, brought to my attention by the Golfer (his eyes being rather higher from the ground than mine) was that the couple of stems of wisteria I had trained to head round the corner and down the side of the house above the ‘back’ door had got flower buds on them for the first time – whoohoo! Having assured Helen at Patient Gardener just a few days ago that there was no hint of pink on the apple trees, I need to eat those words as there certainly is now – a definite smothering rather than just a hint! And finally, I found a tiny forget-me-not seedling in a crack in the paved area, something I have tried unsuccessfully to establish several times yet here it was, uninvited but welcome.


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9 Responses to Sitting Comfreytably

  1. Thumbelina81 says:

    Lovely Clicks. I wish you beautiful blossoms as well.

  2. your comfrey looks lovely, I hope mine grow so well, love the blossom buds, Frances

  3. When I’ve seen comfrey grown here it is always a huge plant, 4-6 feet.

    • Cathy says:

      The blue one isn’t quite as tall as that, Jason – perhaps about 3 feet, so manageable here. I have a few clumps in the woodland edge border too.

  4. I have to look every day or I miss a new bloom. Spring was so slow in the beginning and now it seems to be running at high speed. Your photos are all quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Annette says:

    Do you use comfrey as fertilizer too? I think they’re lovely…lots of Symphytum tuberosum in our woods at present. When did you plant the Wisteria? Look forward to a pic when they’re in flower 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      The bits of comfrey I pull up always go on the compost heap, and I did retain a piece of drainpipe to brew leaves in but still have not got round to doing anything with it 😉 The wisteria was planted in 2000 but didn’t flower till 2006, and the stems I trained round the corner were probably trained about 6 years ago, so that seems to be par for the course really. It always amazes me you can have so much flower from one plant.

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