symbiosisMy roots
In this place,
This garden,
Run deep,
Tightly but tenderly
To the fabric
Of the soil,
Spreading, reaching
Deep, very deep,
To the heart
Of the earth,
By every green shoot,
Every new bloom,
Each drop of rain
And ray of sun.
As it grows, matures,
Then so do I,
Our relationship
In death
My ashes
Will nurture
The soil
And my spirit
Will live on
In this garden.

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2 Responses to Symbiosis

  1. nicely put Cathy, I’m envious 😉 of your dark P.denticulata, I bought one last year but it’s hold back it’s bud while the light mauve ones are flowering happily, Frances

    • Cathy says:

      These denticulata were new to me this year, from Morrisons supermarket, and were in bud when I bought them so I cannot be considered responsible for them yet!!

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