Seat of Learning

I needn’t have worried about last year’s planting of ‘Tête-à-Tête’ near the stream, and whether those planted in the grass were going to struggle to get through the new turf that had been laid on top of them – if I had remembered that they often flowered later than March I might have been more patient. As it is, those now coming through the grass in their own good time but pleasing quantity are still not breaking open their buds, whilst those under the apple trees are extending their yellow counterpane on a daily basis.


DSCN1598The Golfer was at a brief loose end this morning so I suggested completing the repair of the bench that overlooks the above areas – the seat and backrest constructed from a slice of raw timber had been gradually rotting, easily outlived by the supports which were reincarnated gateposts from my Mum’s house.

DSCN1599We had bought a new piece of timber from our local woodyard some months ago, so it was a job long overdue and quickly done. A brief trial established surprisingly that it was the curved sides that were more comfortable for sitting on and against, and the seat and backrest were thus positioned and promptly affixed. Another job well done by Mr Fixit (aka the Golfer)!


The completion of the bench repair is just in time for me to sit and enjoy the emerging ‘Tête-à-Tête’ in the warm spring sunshine which I am sure will be due soon, if I can ever bring myself to sit for more than a few minutes. When not distracted by the new spring growth, the gurgle of the stream and the surrounding birdsong, I can contemplate some of Life’s as yet unanswered questions, like ” Why are some of our loganberries that I am having on my breakfast sweeter than others? Does it depend when they were picked? what the weather was like? how ripe they were?” or ” Why did this tiny egg* from one of our chickens have no yolk?”

* the tiny egg was, however, perfect for the ½ egg  in the 2½ eggs required for the Simnel cake I was making

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6 Responses to Seat of Learning

  1. Pauline says:

    Its nice to have somewhere to sit and ponder life’s little mysteries! Well done to the golfer, seats are essential even if you don’t sit for long, there;s always something that pops up and reminds you of a job to do. I have never heard of an egg without a yolk before, was it a young hen that laid it by any chance?

    • Cathy says:

      No, we think it was probably just the first egg of the year from one of them so I am sure there will be some biological reason for the lack of yolk!

  2. A nice bench adds a lot to the garden. Good work!

  3. A place to sit, to enjoy, is really crucial.

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