The Fall Guys

thefallguysAs our house faces east south east and fronts directly onto the lane, these Tête-à-Tête and viola have borne the full brunt of the recent wind and snow. The Tête-à-Tête, having flowered earlier than those still emerging in the garden, were initially bowed down by the snow but were clearly champing at the bit to get up and fight again, drawing on every reserve the sunny periods could provide; not so the viola in the baskets, which were severely nipped by the direct impact of bitingly cold winds. A brighter and sunnier start to the day today suggests, however, that once the damaged flower heads are cut off there is plenty of life in them yet. The ‘Pencrebar’ daffodils, another miniature variety but with double yellow, multiheaded and fragrant flowers, are still only showing the first of their green spikes in the baskets, but apparently their flowering period is a little later than the more common Tête-à-Tête so they can be forgiven.

When I featured my delivery of Hayloft phlox yesterday I did not mention that the coincidental receipt of a new summer catalogue from them had triggered my ordering yet another of their special collections – 20 different hardy geranium for £20. As the collection included some of the white varieties I was planning to use to bulk up my species snowdrop border I was particularly pleased to see this offer as I love the versatility of geraniums and they will be useful to fill gaps in my other borders too. Despite the rock bottom price of their special offers I know I can rely on the quality of Hayloft’s plants – admittedly I wasn’t expecting such large roots of phlox, but the large plug plants they often come as are always healthy and I rarely lose any, unlike cheap collections from the more mainstream suppliers in the UK. How do they do it? Well I have actually ordered some full price plants from them as well this time, but I don’t usually, so perhaps this is one of the marketing reasons – but they do emphasise the personal service and with a proven history of quality and reliability they will get customers returning again and again.

Incidentally, for those wondering if I have bottomless pockets when it comes to buying plants, I just happen to have acquired a small lump sum when I finished work and have no desire for a new car or an expensive holiday and instead am investing in what does give me pleasure, my garden.

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10 Responses to The Fall Guys

  1. I love Tete a Tete daffodils; always the first to bloom here. Hopefully, I will see them this weekend though our local Daffodil Society had to cancel their spring show because winter has so delayed our normal bloom.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, I think they are late here as I started my blog at this time last year and I didn’t mention these ones at the front of the house at all in those early days so I am guessing they had finished

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for mentioning Hayloft Plants – I have not used them before and have now placed an order for the phlox, hardy geraniums and 3 hardy gardenia, which I am quite excited about as I love the indoor gardenia but find them a bit fussy to care for.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Julie – thanks for dropping in. I’m glad I brought Hayloft to your attention and am sure you will not be disappointed – the gardenia sound nice. I have also ordered the Anemone ‘Wild Swan’ and Nepeta ‘Souvenir d’Andre Chaudron’.

  3. They look a bit unhappy right now, but in a few days, when the sun comes and it gets warmer they will be in a much better mood.

  4. Same thing with me…spend all on the garden and my other passion: books. Good thing too as my husband doesn’t have to buy me diamonds and fancy stuff and can enjoy garden and books with me.

  5. Love the mini daffodils and violas. I usually plant pansies in containers in early spring but am thinking this year I will put a bunch in the beds to provide color while waiting for later perennials to fill in.

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