Business as Usual

DSCN1545The blogging birthday celebrations and then the snow have recently got in the way of real gardening posts, of which I now have a backlog.

I had the usual mixed emotions arrival of a box from Hayloft Plants last week (ooh, exciting! now, what was it I ordered? grrr, now I have to go and plant up whatever they are ….)

Opening the package showed that I had ordered some phlox, which I must confess to having forgotten about. Every so often Hayloft email me and say ” buy 10 phlox for £10″ or penstemon or hellebores or something equally tempting, and I say “yes please, thank you very much, it’s a bargain”, which of course it is. The quality of their plants is always very good and they are good at replacements if anything dodgy arrives or if something fails to thrive. The phlox were no exception and came as healthy roots with a few green shoots already showing, 10 different paniculata varieties from the more common ‘Bright Eyes’ to new introductions ‘Purple Elite’ and ‘Ice Cream’.

businessasusualDSCN1548It didn’t take long to write the labels and pot them up, and I have kept them in the greenhouse as there are already numerous trays of seedlings to fall over in the house, due to my continued taking advantage of the warmth being generated here. I am guessing the phlox should be OK despite the negative overnight temperatures outside, along with the recently sown peas and broad beans, and my first foray into dahlias.

It may be cold and snowy and windy outside, brrrr…… but inside it’s business as usual.

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8 Responses to Business as Usual

  1. Anna B says:

    I love the little black labels 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      I thought I had cracked the lost label issue when I frist used these and a permanent white marker – not so, as the labels break if you stand on them by mistake, and the writing does fade and wipe off over the years. I need to make a decision soon as I am just about out of these ones!

  2. I have a similar reaction when I open these packages: Wonderful plants! Where was I going to put them, again?

  3. Personally I don’t shop online for plants as I much prefer to see what I’m buying. Those plants you received look better than I thought they would. Time to try out online shopping I think!

  4. Anna says:

    Always so exciting to get a parcel of plants Cathy 🙂 I try to share the experience with himself but the usual response is a grunt. The roots look most sturdy. Hope that you post again when they are in flower.

    • Cathy says:

      I might get a brief favourable comment from the Golfer and I always show interest in his little packets of golfing ephemera…. 😉

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