Mutant Heroine Hellebore

DSCN1472We ventured out in the cold on a hellebore mission yesterday, and after peering under the heavy duty fleece that staff were wrapping round all the plants in their outdoor display area I eventually tracked down the upright moonfaced petals and marbled leaves of ‘Winter Moonbeam’. The leaves are so distinctive and will look attractive even when not accompanied by flowers, whilst the flowers brazenly do a ‘moonie’  so we can see them without bending down or without mirrors underneath them which I recently read happened in one open garden. Although the Golfer is very good at encouraging me to spend money on plants (does he have an ulterior motive?)  and I was using Mothers Day vouchers anyway, the weather conditions were not conducive to browsing. However, in the course of lifting and peeking under various fleeces we were confronted with several apparently mutant hellebores:


DSCN1474Now that is a hellebore-and-a-half! I had to take one home to inspect it in more detail and I still can’t quite work it out – it is clearly multiheaded but it seems to have different types of flowerheads which in turn have different configurations of stigma and stamens. Some of the flowers are pink whilst some are white,  the sugary colours perhaps giving rise to its unfortunate name of ‘Candy Love’. You can’t call a hellebore ‘Candy Love’! It needs something more elegant or descriptive like ‘Ellen’  or ‘Speckled Pink’ – she should be called ‘Henrietta’ or ‘Arabella’ or some other name appropriate for a young lady in a very frothy ball gown like this. I am still not absolutely sure I even like her – perhaps the ball gown is showing just a bit too much ankle and I am not quite ready for such decadence?

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7 Responses to Mutant Heroine Hellebore

  1. Pauline says:

    That is one amazing hellebore, but as you say, pity about the name! Maybe the difference in colour could be like lots of other white flowers, they turn pink when pollinated so the bees know not to bother visiting, I’m not surprised she came home with you!

    • Cathy says:

      Bit early for bees though.although I was aware of a couple in that warm spell last week. I must Google to find oout more on its origins

  2. Anna says:

    Hellebore hunting is always fun Cathy. ‘Winter Moonbeam’ looks most elegant and I like the look of ‘Candy Love’ but oh what a disastrous name! Reminiscent of a ’60s pop song 🙂

  3. croftgarden says:

    With a name like that and such a flagrant display I think this one is “no better than she ought to be” but there is a place in every garden for a little exuberance.

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