With Constant Drinking Fresh and Fair

daffs.colourHaving been warned by angiesgardendiaries of her experience of using Cuprinol Garden Shades on a damp day, I resolved to wait till the weather picked up again before I continued on the lychgate; surprisingly, it was dry and almost sunny this afternoon so I decided to risk another coat sooner rather than later, knowing we still had a few more days of rain or snow showers to come. The rain has certainly been welcomed by the new growth in the garden, and despite the lack of warm it has really boosted the progress of the ‘Tête-à-Tête’ planted in bulk in the autumn. There is now colour on many of the buds of those under the apple trees, and also buds  now evident on those planted in the grass by the stream – these were struggling to push through the fresh turf, but the rain must have softened the soil and made their job easier, as until today there were only bent and stunted leaves dotted around. I am now confident that they will look stunning in a week or two and no longer wonder if I planted them too deeply – thank goodness!

DSCN1447I took advantage of the softened earth to divide more of the snowdrops in the woodland edge border – I was able to lift them easily with the trowel and pop them into new holes without damaging the bulbs; as I did so I was aware of clumps of fresh shoots appearing here and there –Fritallaria meleagris and Fritallaria uva vulpis. This their second year here so it looks as if they are beginning to establish themselves. Meanwhile the Golfer, on another whim, is building an open extension at the front of the shed to store some our spare timber (useable timber, that is, not firewood) – triggered by my request to ‘do something’ with the oddments standing in various parts of the garden.

DSCN1445The rhubarb forcer, admired by several people in yesterday’s post, is a reproduction bought fairly cheaply from an offer in a magazine a few years ago. We had been looking out for an antique one but they were way out of our price bracket, and this now looks as if it has been around a long time anyway. The company selling it must have made a bit of a financial miscalculation as our first one arrived in a large number of pieces and the replacement arrived by courier with what must have been a complete roll of bubble wrap round it, the cost of carriage probably exceeding the original price we paid.


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