True Grit

DSCN1296I managed to buy some ‘horticultural grit’ from another nearby garden centre yesterday, so was able to fill the gravel trays in the greenhouse – shown here with some overwintering penstemon (bargain plugs from Hayloft). The trays have been in one of the sheds for a few years (at least since we dismantled and sold the old greenhouse, which is where the sitooterie is now) and were probably never utilised fully even before that. At least now when I water pots and trays on the staging the excess won’t drip through and saturate anything on the half shelf below that – I was reluctant to use DSCN1297this shelf because of this, which is a shame when space is limited .

After the mild and sunny spell the temperature has really dipped again in the last few days, making any outside jobs finger-nipping to say the least. I shan’t risk moving any of my new seedlings to the greenhouse until it picks up again, as I don’t want to lose any after the euphoria surrounding the early sowing! I have a few extra brick paviors to lay, to round off some corners on the path near the stream, and I will try to tackle that tomorrow. Having been dry for a week or so I have been able to have a good vigorous sweep of the paths, collecting up piles of loose soil washed out of the borders after the earlier rain, inspecting the progress of adjacent plants as I do so. The magnolia buds are definitely filling out, slowly but surely, and the Tête-à-Tête under the apple trees are showing signs of buds although those by the stream are struggling to push themselves through the grass. Perhaps I planted them too deeply? Where the turf hasn’t fully rooted some bulbs are pushing it up, like knees under a duvet, so I took a knife to some of these patches today to try to help the shoots through. One of these days there will be a tiny yellow head nodding at me, but clearly not yet.

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