Those Two Imposters

DSCN1239Well, the ‘Blue Star’ hyacinths are hardly a Triumph, but the white ‘L’Innocence’ are definitely a Disaster (of unmitigated proportion), and to be honest, despite faithfully shutting away the vases and their hyacinth contents for an appropriate time every year for many years they are very rarely successful. All the ‘L’Innocence’ in vases are like this, and the few spare that are planted in a bowl are no different; some of the buds on ‘Blue Star’ are still not quite through, although those grown in a bowl are successful and in full and beautifully fragrant flower. Although I do treat these two ‘imposters’ the same I am wondering, after years of assuming it was my technique, if these varieties are just not successful for forcing in this way. As Anna B  discovered and wrote about on her blog, there is actually a whole blog dedicated to forced hyacinths and the writer has kept a record of the performances of different varieties, so I will drop in there again before I choose varieties for next year. I may have lost out this time, but I will start again at my beginnings…. I’ll be a Man yet (or perhaps not)!

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4 Responses to Those Two Imposters

  1. Anna B says:

    I love your little vases!!! The problem I have with hyacinths is that they shoot up and droop over. I was lead to believe that this was because they were too warm, but as soon as Adam discovered the little alien beings in the cellar we only had them indoors for 2 days before putting them out, as an attempt to avoid the ‘droop’ but they’ve still done it? There’s no way I could have one in such a gorgeous type of vase because it would drag it over?!!

    • Cathy says:

      Getting the balance between bud and leaf is always tricky, and a friend recommends keeping them cool but light when they first come out of the dark. I put gravel in the bottom of mine to prevent any tendency to topple over. Shame I still can’t get 100% success rate!

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