Mass Breakout!

DSCN1091DSCN1093Catching a glimpse of my post for January 1st, showing the progress of one of my prepared hyacinths, prompted me to check again – and it’s a good job I did as there was evidence of a mass breakout of flower buds! I have kept three vases in the cupboard as they were not quite ready to come out, and one of the ones shown above is possibly seeing the light a little too late as it is rather leggy and the flower bud may be a little too advanced. It’s still hard getting the timing right, but I had more of a shock when I retrieved the pots from the bin liners underneath the bed in the downstairs bedroom, where the ‘spare’ hyacinths and my birthday tulip teacup were! Brought into the light, it is astonishing how quickly the blanched leaves of all these bulbs began to take on a more healthy green tinge, and I daresay they will have regained their normal complexion within a day or two.

As expected, it continued to snow through the night and sporadically during the day, but a very fine caster sugar kind of snow. Somehow, perhaps because of the kind of snow it is,  it took on for the first time a blindingly brilliant whiteness this morning, and the garden was seemingly transformed into the proverbial ‘winter wonderland’:


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8 Responses to Mass Breakout!

  1. croftgarden says:

    Oh the nostalgia – no not the snow, the hyacinth thingamajigs!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, I am very fond of my hyacinth thingamajigs, with or without hyacinths in them. Wondered if you were hibernating or indisposed as you have been unusually quiet recently – is all OK?

      • croftgarden says:

        Fine thank you – sunbathing on the Hebridean riviera. Himself morphed into Master Carpenter and has made me a new set of shelves for my ever expending CD collection. These I am now painting (under supervision) 4 coats and lots of rubbing down, only perfection is required.
        For light relief I’m redesigning the Croft Garden Cottage website. Otherwise a lazy lady of leisure, although I’ve been incubating a poem since 4am – will it hatch?

        • Cathy says:

          I look forward to a successful birth, although I am a little concerned it had been incubating since 4am – I hope these very early mornings are not a reguilar feature for you and that you weren’t tossing and turning and fretting about the pressures of Perfect Painting

          • croftgarden says:

            Well it hatched, went into intensive care and was then released. I’m still feeling anxious and wonder whether euthanasia might have been wiser!

          • Cathy says:

            Sometimes they need time in intensive care though, with a bit of TLC and sometimes amputation or transplant. I don’t think you could have killed it off – it would have been like one of those aliens that regenerate when they are bumped off

  2. Anna B says:

    How did I only just see this post!!! Getting back into regular reading is still a problem post holiday. I love the way you’ve written this blog post and the photos!! Hyacinths are definitely going to become a new obsession for me and I love all your vases and the teacup!!!! 🙂 Fabulous!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Anna. I love my vases, and am always on the lookout at car boots and fairs as people don’t always realise what they are selling. I liked the dumpy ones from the blog you linked to, and am looking forward to dipping into it later – I can’t believe there’s a whole blog about them!

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