Hats Off to Harry


Unlike Larry from the Del Shannon song Harry will not break your heart but, in complete contrast, bring joy every time you look out of the kitchen window on a snowy January day.

You will guess from the number of times I have shown Hamamelis intermedia ‘Harry’ in this blog that I am completely smitten with him, but in truth he is nearly all I have managed to see of the garden today. It has snowed constantly all day, the fine powdery snow changing to larger flakes, but nevertheless still not accumulating many more inches. We have had to venture away from the house today, and apart from our lane the roads have been reasonable, although in view of the forecast continuance of the snow during the night it may be wise to abort my usual early Monday swim. We have not personally suffered unduly from this more seasonal weather, so foregoing a swim and tackling non-garden orientated tasks are a small price to pay, although the Golfer is beginning to show withdrawal symptoms.


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4 Responses to Hats Off to Harry

  1. Anna B says:

    Thanks for sharing Harry !! 🙂

  2. Harry van Trier says:

    Thanks four your positive comments about ‘Harry’, the witch hazel named for me by Mrs Jelena De Belder. I visited the original plant today, in Essen, Belgium. This specimen is a 4 to 5 meters high plant, upright growing and with a rather narrow habit, but full of flowers today!

    Greetings from Harry van Trier

    • Cathy says:

      Hello Harry – it was such a pleasant surprise to receive your comment and I am really pleased to know where the name originated from (and presumably Mrs De Belder gave her own name to ‘Jelena’, which I also have). If you have looked at any other posts on my blog you may have seen that I have mentioned and featured ‘Harry’ several times as it is by far and away my very favourite witch hazel. It is outside one of my kitchen windows so I see it and admire it many many times each day – I love the colour and the length of the shreds, and of course the length of its flowering season.Thank you again, Cathy

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