Done and Dusted

DSCN1025Creative thinking successfully accomplished, the paved area under the shed extension was quickly completed, scaffolding placed in its intended home, the bench replaced and the job finished. I shall be keeping an eye out for some means of camouflaging the scaffolding – possibly an old shower curtain in an appropriate colour? Car boot sale here I come (well, in car boot season, not yet)!

In my recent thinking rambles round the garden I have been reminded of other outstanding tasks as well as coming up with new schemes –  firstly, the Golfer (without being asked  – I just said it would be useful) has run up some more staging for the greenhouse to hold a ‘potting tray’, thus making better use of the existing staging – having already decided to grow my tomatoes in pots this year instead of growbags this will also give me more space for other crops. THAT task wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye yesterday!

DSCN0975Secondly, a trip to the local garden centre to size up various special offers today got me thinking about some of the plants on my wish list and how to accommodate them and, still in my creative thinking mode, I have decided to utilise these currently underused pots DSCN1015to hold shrubs or plants of winter interest. In full view of the kitchen windows, I shall be able to enjoy winter colour when it is too cold or snowy to leave the house, just like ‘Harry’ who still delights me every time I look out of the window.

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