A Careful Eye on Constance

DSCN1004I noticed this singular bud on Clematis alpina ‘Constance’ at the end of December, so have been keeping a careful eye out for further progress, as this will be the earliest of my clematis to flower, since my original Freckles flowered itself to death (or more likely succumbed to a clematis disease of some sort). I was able to note from the blog that it was budding up nicely on the first day of spring last year and was in full and glorious flower in the middle of April, although it tends to have sporadic flowers earlier and later too; last year though, no sooner had I taken a photo of it at its best than I was whipping it out of the ground and dumping it unceremoniously in a pot until its new home in the clematis colonnade was ready a couple of months later. She may have sulked a little bit, but I did explain my intentions and assure her the new residence would be purpose-built and generally tried to smooth the situation over. I think she must have taken it on board, as after establishing her in her new home she seems to be waking from her winter rest and deciding to make a go of things after all. Thank you Constance!

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