Puzzles and ‘Pologies

The Puzzle first. Why is it that when I post a completely wordless Wednesday I get the highest ever number of visits to the blog? I don’t write the blog for the kudos, but it is always intriguing to look at the statistics and see how many people have dropped by,  where they came from and if they have used any links – so what attracted them yesterday? Certainly not the text.

The ‘Pology is for posting another witch hazel picture – but I had to keep returning to the kitchen window this morning to admire my Harry, in full bloom with the sun shining behind it and adding to the golden  glow of the long shaggy petals. A distant memory suggested I may have posted a picture of Harry in the early days of my blog last year; instead I found a reference to it in my post on March 21st but also a picture of  Hamamelis japonica ‘Zuccariniana’, only recently in full flower then –  nearly 3 months later than this year! The unusual weather conditions may be contributing to unusual growing patterns – it was bright even if not actually sunny today, with temperatures above 14˚C at one point, and air pressure rising steadily all day. Nature seems to be aware of these changes, as bird activity had been very different in the last few days, very busy, and our chickens have suddenly started producing 2 eggs between the five of them instead of just one. Plants have put on a spurt – not just these witch hazels, but anything that had been showing a hint of bud or shoot – and there are dozens of clumps of bluebell shoots in the woodland. Bluebells – it’s January for Heaven’s sake!

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9 Responses to Puzzles and ‘Pologies

  1. paulinemulligan says:

    Don’t apologise for showing us your photo of Harry, he is gorgeous! I wish more people would plant witch hazels so the more publicity they get, the better!

  2. Anna B says:

    The wordless wednesday photo was really clear and bright! I reckon that draws people in more? Although I’m not sure. I check my stats everynow and again and they just baffle me too!!! : ) The witch hazel looks interesting. I fancy growing some one day when I have a bigger garden.

    • Cathy says:

      Actually I suspect it was because I ‘tagged’ it as ‘Wordless Wednesday’, so I assume tags somehow alert people in a different way that categories do – must look through the Worpress blurb and check it out. Witch hazels don’t grow very tall and are not densely foliaged, so there can still be room for one in a small garden…

  3. Anna B says:

    Ooh, well next time I’m in the garden centre… 🙂 !

  4. I don’t know about the why but did notice you have allowed a comment with 2 links that if you try to follow them they are dead, I deleted ‘jenny’ as spam when she/it left a comment on my blog,

    why apologise for posting photos of plants you love in your garden, it’s your blog and your garden, personally I don’t much like blogs where people are writing for an audience rather than from the heart, wish we could transport the perfume of plants as I have heard witch hazel have a wonderful perfume, I’ve never seen one, I read they don’t like winds so thought there is no point trying where I am, Frances

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for alerting me to the link issue, Frances – I have deleted the comment just in case, so sorry about the spam. I was going to check out the blog it referred to, but hadn’t done so yet and perhaps won’t now you have had a spam issue. Were there 2 links? I look at the Daily Post hints or challenges sometimes, but so often they are just not ‘me’, and if my blog doesn’t reflect ‘me’ there is no point in writing it as far as I am concerned. S’funny about the smell of witch hazels, as I have never actually noticed it, although I know they are reputed to have one! Currently I am being mesmerised by my Sarcococca ever time I go down the garden, so it can’t be my nose at fault!

      • Cathy the 2 links were one in the comment which went to an error page and the name jenny contained a weblink in the same way my islandthreads does, jenny went to an advertising page, I moderate comments and check any new to my blog commenters if they include a link in their name, if there is a link in the post I check that too, one of my other comments on that same post of mine had a link in the comment to an advert so I edited out the link then posted the comment and left the name link which was to a regular blog, don’t worry about it, I only mentioned as most people like to know and I hope people would tell me if they find dead links on my blog, Frances

        • Cathy says:

          Thanks for that Frances – it sounds llike good blogging housekeeping to do those checks first. Most comments are from people who comment frequently, and this one seemed semi ‘official’ as it was a blog for Wordless Wednesday posts which many of our fellow garden bloggers post on their sites. It may just be a dodgy link with nothing sinister intended, but I agree it is best to be careful and I am pleased that you have passed the info and the hints on. Thanks 😉

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