End of Month Rambles – Looking Back

I wasn’t sure whether to post just the usual EOMV for December, but after having been delighted by a number of blogs where the EOMV has looked back over the whole year I decided to attempt the same. Having only begun the blog in the spring, it was the summer before I became more adventurous with it and August before I joined in Helen of Patient Gardener‘s meme, thus producing 5 monthly views of my garden. I considered whether to show some earlier ‘before’ views as well but decided against it, so if you want to see how some areas looked before or during the revamp you will have to trawl through earlier posts! All of the pictures below show the EOMVs left to right from August to December.

The paved area directly behind the house has not seen any work this year, other than a substantial lopping of the magnolia on the left as well as of the hedge beyond it. This makes a huge difference to light levels, and  I hope next year to make full use of the pots that have been thoroughly neglected, instead of the area acting largely as a transit camp for scaffolding and other tools of our trades.

Looking along the route of the stream towards the apple trees the evidence shows that in July I had lifted the rocks and ferns from one bank and was preparing to work on ensuring a watertight watercourse, before planting 500 dwarf narcissi and re-turfing on either side of the path. There had been a number of crocus planted previously, and they may well reappear in random clumps following the earth moving. On the right hand side I planted 3 pillar fruit trees – greengage, cherry and pear – but too late in the season to expect even an odd fruit or two.stream.etc.Aug.Dec

I had cleared huge quantities of lamium from the woodland earlier in the year, so was enjoying seeing the variation on the woodland floor, but my efforts will be even more worth it next spring when the primroses, wood anemones and bluebells are in flower, as they were beginning to be smothered by the pesky and thuggish immigrant.woodland.aug.sept

The following show part of the main borders (there are ones to the right and left of this view) which underwent major changes and are not yet fully re-established. Many of the previous plants were just relocated when a bed became available and there is no cohesion at all, so this will be a work in progress for next year.borders.Aug.Sept

The woodland edge border is one of my favourites; this is where the common snowdrops are as well as the hellebores and many others. Other than an extension on the left beyond the birches this has remained the same during the year.woodland.edge.Aug.Dec

The left hand hot border didn’t exist till this year and has been one of the new successes, but it needs more variety. The posts and chimney pot added height earlier in the season before the plants bulked up.left.hot.aug.dec

The stone circle  in the blue & white area was one of two, the other having been lifted and the area split between this border and the new rose garden behind it. This is where much of the physical work took place earlier on, with hundreds of cobbles being lifted, cleaned and re-utilised, with cobbled paths having to be moved as well. I think it has been worth it, although there is still more planting to be done.bluewhite.aug.dec

The rose garden is perhaps the most complete in structure and planting, but will take longer to re-establish, some of the roses having had to be replaced and the underplanting being tiny lavender plug plants. Again I think the hard work will have been worth it, as huge amounts of soil had to be moved to completely level what was previously a gradual slope.rose.gdn.aug.dec
There are other parts of the garden that have not been included in the regular overviews, but at least I have a reasonable photographic record of them myself, and lining the monthly changes up like this will be invaluable for me in monitoring the garden. This is one of the main things I wanted to achieve with the blog, and if any of you out there also find them interesting then it is a win-win situation all round. Thank you to all who have joined me on my rambles in 2012 and I would be delighted if you continued to do so.


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3 Responses to End of Month Rambles – Looking Back

  1. Helen Johnstone says:

    Thank for joining in with this meme and I am so glad it has encouraged you to blog more

  2. paulinemulligan says:

    Cathy, I feel exhausted just reading this post, you have done so much work this year on your garden! Lovely to wander with you through your garden and see all the improvements you have made, do find time to sit and enjoy it!! Thank you for all your comments since you started blogging, I think comments from fellow gardeners are very special as well as so helpful. Will be back to wander around with you this year too! Happy New Year.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for sharing my rambles – as you say, it is lovely to have this company. Although I anticipate less physical work in the garden this year it doesn’t follow that I shall be using the time to actually SIT in it! One day, perhaps…

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