Weekly Photo Challenge: Rambling Through 2012

Encouraged by Patient Gardener‘s rising to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures, I decided to have a go myself. Without starting this blog even finding photographs might have been difficult, although having begun the year with the start of a major revamp of the garden I was already ensuring I had the same photographic record I kept when we first bought this property and began our renovations and building work and the original garden creation. Trying to find a photograph that summed up each month wasn’t easy, and after having drafted the post yesterday I changed my mind and some of the photographs. So, from the top and from the left each time:

January – structural changes begin in the garden (and how many others would laugh as their newly constructed wall leaned over and collapsed in front of their eyes?)
February – a temporary obsession with species snowdrops
March – temporary cessation of activities for the Golfer after an operation on his hands
March – birth of Rambling in the Garden, now a big part of my life
April – Clematis alpina ‘Constance’, at its best by now, although beginning much earlier
May – my wisteria, flowering as it never has before
June – a long awaited second visit to East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens, Norfolk
July – using accumulated vouchers to buy plants to fill some of the new borders
August – the first of twelve month’s supply of tomato chutney
September – the Paralympics
October – Elder Daughter gets married, wearing the wedding garter I made
November – widespread local flooding
December – a big birthday weekend visit to Wiltshire

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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Rambling Through 2012

  1. Anna B says:

    There’s the amazing wisteria again 🙂 Lovely photos. What a gorgeous looking garden and a really interesting look back! Congrats to your daughter and shame about the wall episode in January! Hope you have a wonderful new year 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks, Anna, for all your friendly comments over the months. By the way, if I was novice bricklayer I don’t think I would have laughed, but our extension is still standing after nearly 15 years so I can’t be too bad! 🙂 Hope you too have a year of opportunities.

  2. paulinemulligan says:

    Your wisteria shows how it appreciates your pruning! Lovely looking back over the year and seeing what stood out each month, but a temporary obsession with snowdrops, surely not, now is the time to be really obsessed!!

  3. Anna says:

    A good way of looking back on the previous year. I am not surprised that the Golfer had to take a break from his pursuit – hope that all is well now. Pauline has taken the words out of my mouth – that obsession with species snowdrops is surely not temporary 🙂 May the new year treat you and your garden kindly Cathy.

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