Made for Walking, but not in the Garden

knitted baby bootsWe gardening bloggers are clearly well-rounded individuals and not completely obsessed by our gardens as my favourite blogs have included all sorts of creative things recently from corduroy pinafores and rugs (Hillwards), interesting Scandinavian culinary adventures (Croft Garden) and wreaths and decorations (Patient Gardener), although well done to Beangenie for getting outside in all this dampness and actually doing some gardening!

I shall have to beg forgiveness from the chickens as I promised fairly faithfully I would clean them out today but have chickened out as it has  not stopped raining! I have got the rest of my Christmas stuff wrapped, though, including these little boots which Younger Daughter would say were almost worth having a baby for (taking only a couple of hours or so to knit and giving me the opportunity to make pompoms for the first time in many years – what fun!) and the last of the felt flower brooches (having bought 2 x 10 brooch backs from eBay I have 3 left so must have made 17 brooches in total!). I am also proud of myself for having for the first time made some bread with spelt flour which I began with a starter dough last night – but I may yet be in for a fall as we haven’t cut into the loaf yet. To top all this creativity I have just agreed to some evenings with friends sharing our different creative skills, although some drew the line at beginning a patchwork quilt. I wonder why…

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  1. kate says:

    I am officially impressed! (and I love the bootees…)

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