Tuppence a bag

DSCN0894…not! In fact it was more than £50 for this little lot, but if it keeps the chucks happy and brings more birdlife to the garden then it’s worth it. The layers pellets will last about a month but the peanuts will keep the wild birds going for a few months. The fat balls are always eagerly devoured and never last long, and although we didn’t need to buy any sunflower hearts today they are now lasting a little longer since we have protected all the seedfeeders from larger birds (starlings, take note). It’s definitely worth the expense of buying the nuts and seeds to see the range of birds that use the feeders or forage on the ground below them – and we notice the difference if we are bit slow to fill the feeders up again as the birds quickly go off to pastures new to seek other more welcoming restaurants!

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  1. croftgarden says:

    I had a bird table if would have to be a cross between a gamekeeper’s gibbet and a butcher’s window! No cute blue tits or robins – it’s nature red in tooth in claw here.

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