Dog Rose in December

Another bright and seemingly milder (it’s all relative!) day, but then some dampness this afternoon. The local bird population seemed to be enjoying it too as there has been a lot of activity in the garden since the frost disappeared (although perhaps refilling the bird feeders had something to do with it) – they were very noisy this morning and there was quite a hullaballoo in these tangled twigs of dog rose, with flutterings in and out and a lot of bird discussion taking place (“Are you ready for Christmas yet?”…”Just a few more nuts and seeds to get”…”Have you seen that rose hips are on special offer again?”). We sometimes get small groups of starlings (nothing so grand as a murmuration) in this part of the hedge, either waiting for their turn on the fat balls or to splash in the stream – fortunately they don’t choose to roost there. Today, however, it was a number of our resident sparrows, seemingly just coming out to play and not, surprisingly, for these yummy rose hips which seem so prominent now the rest of the leaves have fallen.

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4 Responses to Hullaballoo

  1. Anna says:

    How spooky Cathy – we have a dog rose which is also near a stream but the coincidences end there, as we rarely see a sparrow or starling these days 😦 Our dog rose is regularly visited by a group of lovely long tailed tits but I’m sure the conversation between them runs along on similar lines to that of your local bird population 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Anna and Pauline – it’s strange how the distribution of local bird populations varies so much. I am aware that sparrows are meant to be in decline and yet that certainly isn’t the case here. Ang long tail tits are ferquent visitors to a garden barely 50 metres away and yet we have only ever seen them once in our garden!

  2. paulinemulligan says:

    Like Anna, unfortunately we hardly ever have sparrows or starlings here anymore, great excitement when we see any on the feeders! There aren’t many berries left now, too many have been eaten too soon, what will happen when winter really kicks in here, there won’t be any food left, it will be up to me to feed them!

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