She Wishes for a Gentle Reminder

CalliacarpaAlthough I had a bitterly cold stroll round the garden with my camera this morning before we went out visiting friends, I feel I have not been at home enough today to formulate an appropriate post. However, having stopped the car on our way back to photograph another stunning example of Calicarpa, it occurred to me that I was accumulating a growing wish list of plants in my head, particularly picking up on suggestions and examples from fellow bloggers, and yet I could not be sure I would be able to spit them out again when seeking inspiration. Why not make an immediate record, within the blog, a place where I could copy and paste ideas when they first presented themselves to me? I already have this callicarpa, Cavalo Nero and calendula still fairly prominent in my head, and a particular acer on a scrap of paper, but just watch this space and they will soon be safely transposed under a new ‘Wish List’ tab!

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4 Responses to She Wishes for a Gentle Reminder

  1. paulinemulligan says:

    Good idea Cathy, by the time I come to do something about it, I have usually lost the piece of paper! Super Calicarpa berries, I did buy one last year, but this year it is nowhere to be seen?!

  2. Great berries, I really want a calicarpa too!!

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