One Mojo, Safely Returned

Rose Zéphirine 'Drouhin'

After a night of sub-zero temperatures I went out after breakfast with my camera looking for frosty things to photograph, and came back with some lovely examples of frost on heuchera, sedum, geum and various ferns, as well as ice patterns in the rainwater that had collected in the wheelbarrow. I also checked on my mahonia to offer my apologies after having felt guilty reading Patient Gardener‘s post last night. I was pleased to have the chance to photograph yet another lovely ‘Zéphirin Drouhin’ bloom, only this time in December, but it wasn’t till I came to edit and crop my pictures ready for this post that I could see just how beautiful the rose was. It was if it had been dipped in egg white and sugar, ready to grace the simplest and finest wedding cake – stunning! None of the other pictures are worth showing.

It wasn’t long after taking the photos and moving onto other things that I suddenly realised how different I felt. I’m not suggesting it was sudden, but I know I wasn’t myself when I went to bed and had already determined not to do my usual Tuesday energetic activity today, but perhaps I woke up feeling better. And I don’t just mean physically better – it was a complete and utter transformation of every aspect, from the physical through psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual. I had my spark back – I was me again – and I was instantly was raring to go! One mojo, safely returned – thank you.

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4 Responses to One Mojo, Safely Returned

  1. Anna says:

    Glad to hear that your va -va -voom is returning . It was bitterly cold here too last night and as I’ve been out most of the day I have not seen the garden in daylight . Somehow I think my last few roses may not be looking as good as your beauty.

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you. At one time when I was working I used to make a point of walking round the garden before I went out – but there came a time when I realised I no longer allowed myself the time – a sad day 😦 Now I am not going out to work I ensure, almost without exception, that I walk round at least once a day, even if only briefly. Hope you find a rose to admire!

  2. paulinemulligan says:

    So glad you’re now feeling better, just in time to do all the work necessary for Christmas! Your rose is beautiful with its dusting of frost, heavy frosts here too but must get cards and presents done and not wander round the garden taking photos, that will have to wait a few days!

    • Cathy says:

      I am trying to finish Christmas things as well as keep up with the blog, but was just saying to the Golfer yesterday how much joy I have gained from taking more photographs and having the opportunity to cature images like this rose.

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